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Underappreciated(?) games

I dunno, maybe these games totally did get the appreciation they deserve and I just missed it. Either way...

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  • I've played this game more than any other game, ever, and it only came out like a year ago. Perfect rating and shortest time possible on all 369 puzzles and all 400 (and counting) downloadable weekly puzzles. On all four available profiles. And that's only in the Japanese version; I'm only getting started on the Europe one. I wish there was some kind of total time counter, but at the same time I'm so glad there isn't. I usually scoff at people with this level of obsession about a game, but there's just something about this one.

  • I probably would hate this game if I played it now. But still...I mean, YOU COULD BE AN ICBM MISSILE. Literally your entire purpose was to fly around and then run into the ground, instantly killing yourself and everything else on the level. And then there was the witch who could turn other players into roaches and the team of 5 people who could all become superhero versions of themselves and the transformers and the Voltron-type transformers that could combine into one giant thing and god dammit this really was the best game ever wasn't it. At least the best of its generation.


  • Super melancholy and MINDFREEEEAAAAAAK of a game. Plus the DS needs super stat-heavy Diablo-type games, even if this didn't have the focus on gear so much. Long story short this is the best DS game besides Picross 3D which is in a league of its own, really.

  • Best adventure game I've ever played AND best characters I've ever seen in a game. Each chapter focusing on learning about a character and showing you their backstory was brilliant. Fuck Phoenix Wright compared to this game.

  • I dunno if I picked the wrong game here or the GBA boxart is just the one they use on the site but either way the one I mean is the PS2 one. Spent hours with friends beaning each other so we could fight. Also knocking the shit out of someone trying to slide into a base. Also playing as dolphins or minotaurs or whatever.

  • Simple and awesome. Good sense of speed

  • Sooooooo much better than when they added in the Minis and it got all complicated and it basically became a different game, like Lemmings-lite.

  • Seems like most people preferred Twisted, which came out at the same time I think? Well, they're wrong.

  • Only got like half the Pokemon, if that, because I'm horrible at all pinball. Still spent a ton of time on it though


  • THE best multiplayer game ever made, hands down. I'm sad that I can't remember more of what made it so great, but I do remember flying up as high as possible attached to a bird and then trying to nail people with apples or something and the ridiculous types of games that were either included or my friends and I came up with on our own. Featuring Abe Lincoln kicking tonna ass before Ryan made it cool again

  • Only game I ever got my dad to play with me. FAMILY BONDING

  • This was fun and a great time waster in school but I wish this site had that orbit simulator that was in Encarta where you could just SLAM the moon into the Earth and see it go flying off into space. Over and over. Simpler times.......

  • Only the greatest fuckin' party game ever made. Going through a kung fu film set with some of the greatest/coolest/funniest set pieces I've ever seen in a game was made even better when you had 3 other friends to do it with. Also way ahead of its time with some cool as hell replay stuff where it was like you were WATCHING THE MOVIE YOU JUST MADE! It was like playing a ride at Universal Studios or something, man, I don't even know. I know I said it's the greatest party game ever made but I just remembered Ooga Booga is also on this list so they're tied for best.