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Scripting, frustration, and fun in Saints Row the Third

For the most part I'm having a blast with SR3, however I'm finding that scripting and/or poor communication has been leading some some serious frustration on certain missions. Some examples:

On the the first Snatch mission I kept clearing out the Morningstars and then getting in my car, thinking the hos would get in. I honked, I drove up next to them , I tried getting out to see if I could interact with them, all to no avail. Morningstar reinforcements would arrive in increasingly large waves and I'd fail the mission. As it turns out, I was supposed to use what is at all other times the taunt button to call the hos into my car. The game did a really poor job of communicating this. Not only was this a singular instance of a change in control scheme, meaning the player is not conditioned to find this solution, but the prompt informing you about it appears in small text on the screen for about 5 seconds during a sequence where you are required to be actively engaged in shooting and never reappears.

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During the escape from the strip club/your first encounter with STAG, Shaundi's scripting repeated and reliably slowed me down to the point where completing the escape driving sequence was impossible, since the game's systems punish you for being slow with significantly increased enemy presence. I tried time and again to complete the mission, cursing Shaundi the whole time until out of pure frustration I left her behind, running in circles in the middle of a STAG clusterfuck, unable to decide if she wanted to pick up a laser gun or get in a car. To my surprise, I was able to finish the mission without penalty.The mission I'm currently gritting my teeth at is the convoy decoy one where you fly the STAG jet. A specific group of ground targets seem to be mysteriously mostly impervious to the jet's laser. Sometimes I can damage them, most of the time I cannot. This fact seems to be unrelated to altitude, angle, area shot, and I'm at a loss. Again I'm increasingly assaulted by STAG forces the longer I hover trying to figure out how to blow up these fucking satellite-dish-having-box-base-motherfuckers.

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I think this is very instructive as to how important difficulty must feel fair and related to player skill. I have died a good number of times other than those listed above, but the frustration of broken systems made bare is unmatched. I understand that this is an open world, and that a significant amount of jank is to be expected, but things like invincible enemy NPCs and poor communication of essential gameplay information should be exceptions. This post is a testament to the importance of this. There is so much goofy awesomeness in SR3 that I really enjoyed, yet here I am blathering on about scripting and frustration.I'm looking forward to spending more time with SR3, even if I'm not looking forward to facing those damn invincible boxes again.