Atlus has the best translation team.

So I'm playing Persona 3 Portable.  I was thinking about making this blog around hour 12 or so, when Junpei referred to himself as one of "the tards", but I'm at about hour 25 now, and I just witnessed something awesome.  I don't know if the recordings on the console in the command room were in the PS2 releases of P3, but the third recording is awesome.
Basically, it's Fuuka in her room looking at her swimsuit and feeling like Yukari and the protagonist are better looking than her.  She actually says that Yukari works out, so she should try not to stand next to her, and then wonders aloud if she is actually the same age as the other juniors.  I thought this was maybe the most touching and real, true-to-life monologue I've ever heard in a JRPG, and I wonder how much of it is the Japanese writers and how much is the translators.
And then Fuuka gets the idea that she'll use an exercise belt she bought off Tanaka's show.  She puts it on and realizes that she's ticklish, and then can't get it off.  She starts rolling around giggling while this thing is on her.  And then Mitsuru knocks on the door to see if she's okay.  Fuuka calls out while giggling, while a vibrating machine is humming.  Mitsuru gets embarrassed and says never mind and runs away.
I don't think I've ever seen a game that is able to put realistic emotional gravity in the same scene as a fucking vibrator joke.  Awesome.