Six Points and Sadness

Bit of good news bit of bad news.

Good news is i got my first 6 points on Giantbomb today - thumbs up for approved points. These may become as addiciting as achievements for me only time will tell.

Bad news -my 360 is officially fucked. Hate to be blunt but thats the way it is. The damn thing wont go five minutes without overheating. This sucks so much ass i wanna get right down to reviewing games but alas with my 360 outta the way my package of XBLA games are gonna have to sit dormant for a while.

Life sucks


The Giant Bomb, The Broke and The Ugly

The Giant Bomb, The Broke and The Ugly

Well here goes. I've never really been much of a blogger partly because the concept seems so totally forein to me. Pouring out your thoughts and feelings onto a webpage for all to see is something that i just dont get. But i digress. Thats not the point of this and anyone reading this isnt going to want to listen to a second more of why i've not blogged before. On to the topics at hand.

The Giant Bomb - The Website your reading this on. I've been kind of out of touch recently. As a former Gamespot fanatic i visited the site nearly every day back in what i call 'the glory days' of Jeff, Rich, Ryan etc. But i proved to be stubborn and stuck with the website even after many members left through various events you can read about any number of places on the web. I finally realised the switch was needed thanks to the Hotspot. Even as little as a year ago nothing would've kept me from listening to this week-on-week. Now i can barely bring myself to have the newer episodes on my itunes. It begs the question why. To which i must retort: the laughter has gone. Simple as that, for years the Hotspot offered me comfort in familiarity aand maybe thats my agenda but its not something i want to listen to anymore. So here i am. Get used to it!

The Broke - Its not just about me having no money. Its true i am a little short on the green but thats whats to be expected of any student really. But the way this relates to you? Well I am planning to write video game reviews however because of the bank situation i am limmited to what i can afford to buy. As things stand I may focus my reviews on downloadble games primarily for the XBox Live Arcade. Now i'm not alligned with Microsoft before the leigions of Sony and Nintendo fanboys cry out from hell. It just so happens that Microsoft has games regularly released for the system for 5 to 15 dollars (or about '10 quid') . Not to mention that there is a slew of highly anticipated games coming out in the next few months. Including Bionic Commando on Wednesday, Castle Crashers on August 27th and the much antcipated game The Dishwasher Dead Samurai which won Microsofts Dream, Build Play. All worth a look.
The Diswasher: Dead Samurai - He kills Zombies n' Stuff
The Diswasher: Dead Samurai - He kills Zombies n' Stuff
Bionic Commando

Castle Crashers

The Dishwasher   - (note: check youtube for some awesome videos)

The Ugly - Well not technically ugly, but old. Ugly worked better for the title. Anyway whats old - a genesis. I managed to get a hold of one. I've not had one in over 10 years. I'm not sure what made me seek one out but i felt i needed the nostalgia. I know i couldv'e gotten an emulator for free but its not quite the same as playing the actual system and going through the hastle of tuning it in. All part of the joy right! anyway i may include an occasional review from a classic genesis game just to spice things up.

Thanks for reading
       -Brogue out   (i know i totally stole that from penny arcade)