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Triumphs and Consequences 0

Mass Effect 3 is the final installment in a trilogy and the culmination of a series of triumphs and consequences that have come as the result of the decisions you’ve made through the first two games. In that respect, the Mass Effect franchise is the first of its kind to create such a complex and structured narrative. Whether big or small, the choices we’ve made have come to give each of us are own unique Mass Effect experience. All of our Shepard’s are different, and each one has a different sto...

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Cash Money! 0

It’s easy to look at Payday: The Heist and pick-up all of its obvious stylistic comparisons to the 1995 classic film Heat. Lines of dialogue, to the fast rhythmic drums that overlay each heist are so similar to the film that Michael Mann could sue if he really wanted to. But I would argue that if you’re looking for some sort of inspiration for your heist game, then choosing one of the greatest heist films of all time is definitely a great place to start. And count me in. It would certainly help ...

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Been there, done that. 0

For the most part Atlus has been known for creating stellar role-playing games such as the Persona franchise. So I was really intrigued in checking out what some might consider a departure from their usual repertoire, with the Blitz Arcade developed puzzle title Droplitz. At its core, Droplitz is a pretty standard puzzle game that takes the same Tetris like feel and concept and attempts to apply its own approach. To put it simply, if you’ve played Tetris before, or any other game like it really,...

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Flower is an amazing soothing experience. 0

If you think Flower is not a game, or is just a pretty "tech demo" you'd be missing the point. Flower is another game on Sony's Playstation Network to appear that seems to set its self apart from what Microsoft is doing with Xbox Live Arcade. Flower is Unique. It's beautiful. And it's an incredibly soothing experience. Flower also has some of the best use of the Sixaxis motion controls we've seen to date, and believe me, that’s saying something. Flower is simple. And when I say simple, it’s abo...

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Killzone 2 is finally out! 0

Its amazing to think that a trailer shown in a video montage at Sony's E3 2005 Press Conference would be the biggest subject of controversy before the current generation would even begin. But despite the mass amounts of pressure put on the development team, Killzone 2 would be destined to be that game everyone got excited about when that first trailer hit. In short, Killzone 2 is quite possibly the most intense, and thrilling shooter you will find on the market today. Is it the best? Probably no...

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