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I work in retail, but drive an ice cream truck.  It's awesome!!  Not only does it keep by beer cold as I drive; but when I'm feeling down, I'll stop on a corner and ring the bell.  When the kids come out I speed away.   
I'm also the guy who really liked fable.  I play a lot of games.  and still I really liked fable.  I really liked interacting with the "sims like" characters in the towns.  I thought that it was a really good evolution of character oriented gameplay.  So many of the RPGs these days are becoming scripted.  Scripted dialogue, scripted cutscenes.  If I wanted to see a movie I'd buy a ticket.   Yeah, Fables NPCs didn't really talk to you; but they reacted to you.  So yeah I'm that guy who really liked fable.  
I also am a Mac guy, and I have a sense of humor about it.  I'll pay for overpriced hardware, as long as they guarantee it's going to work.I chose xbox allegiance because I couldn't choose apple allegiance. Just so you know.