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Man, I Sure Do Miss it Around Here...

Hey everyone, not sure if any of you remember me. I was the kid with the glasses, who did those video blogs and rambled about games and other things mixed with corny puns and silly actions. Remember? The youngster who for the most part posted blogs with substance? The kid, who according to some of you, wrote pretty decent game reviews?And the guy who made all those fancy-smancy profile banners andicons for the community around here?

I logged on yesterday to catch up on E3 coverage and starting skimming through my profile. First I just deleted some titles off my wish list and updated my Now Playing List. That led to me checking a few blogs, and now I'm posting one. I reallymiss those aforementioned activities. This past school year has been thebusiest ever. Itstill is in some ways, but things are truly winding down. I'll be graduating from high school in a few weeks, my prom is tonight. On top of fidning scholarships, staying on top of my art skills, attending to my loved ones, having a girlfriend, and everything else life throws out, I can't forget thatI am a part of this community. With that said, I never left, but in a way I had to come home. Nice to see everyone still active around here. I hope to be more active as well.

So, later on, I'll post some thoughts on what's been going down at E3 thus far. Other than that, catch you folks later.