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One of Link's best adventures yet! 1

The Legend of Zelda has its fair share of handheld gaming glory, but none can match Link's latest adventure on the Nintendo DS. In fact, it is one of the best Zelda games period. Playing Phantom Hourglass on the DS is a refreshing Zelda experience at its core. This is largely due to the creative gameplay capabilities of which the DS encompasses and how well the developers at Nintendo utilize them for the game. The most notable mechanic with Phantom Hourglass is how the player controls Link. It ...

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Mario Kart DS improves upon previous entries in the series in eve 0

Remember the good ol’ SNES days, when Super Mario Kart was released? For those who remember these times, wasn’t the game addictively fun? Well, nearly fifteen years later, the same can be said for the latest iteration of the Mario Kart series on the Nintendo DS. From the gameplay aspect, it all feels very polished in Mario Kart DS. If you’re familiar with the series or even a complete newbie, there’s nothing to be skeptical about. Mario Kart games have always offered an easygoing pick up and pl...

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