Bran makes a list-2019 Edition

What a weird ass year for games, it included a couple of my favorite releases that i think stand the test of time, right alongside some of my most disappointing experiences in gaming ever.

Honorable mentions-They are billions, Mordhau, Slay the spire-These games made an impact and saved me from putting more time than i should into the two disappointing loot games that wont be mentioned here.

List of Shame-Outer WILDS: a game that might be one of those situations where i can overlook some gameplay issues for the fantastic world and story content.

Death stranding(?): This damn game, i still am not sure if this is a thing ill care about in any meaningful way. I've only played about two hours and so far my entire experience is kojima wielding metaphor like a jackhammer.

10. Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Im not sure this deserves a spot over something like slay the spire....but i love this series. Even when it does things im not super psyched about, i still find time to get the things important to me done. The story and lore implications in this expansion alone, and how they represent a new era for this series, to me, warrant attention and recognition still.

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9. Apex Legends

Like PUBG this game took over my free-time completely for a while. Like PUBG, once i was over it, i was all the way over it and havent played much since then. Like PUBG i will probably go through multiple cycles just like this.

8. Mortal Kombat 11

I am not a good fighting game player, but i still enjoy a well krafted fighter, and this is among the best i have ever played. Between the presentation and the story mode, every aspect was very well polished....except the krypt i guess. Like Apex this is largely earning its placing based on the intention to return to it as new DLC stacks up

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7. Devil May Cry 5

This is the second best game featuring Dante and Vergil ever, and while its no DmC, its still got more style and character than the previous Capcom entries have ever been able to muster. Its super flashy and fun, even if a lot of the dialogue doesnt quite land and Nero has just...become Dante in most ways it was SSstill a blast to play. SADISTIC

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6. Remnant: From the ashes

This is the most shocking game on my list, a game i just happen to catch a Destiny streamer playing because we were between patches....and its this arcane chimera of a lot of my favorite genres-RPG-Shooter-loot game. It just works, it feels good and has a lot of that dark souls DNA that keeps me going.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Not a lot to say, they did a good one this time.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

A smaller scale story told in the Star Wars universe is not all that new anymore, but one told this well still deserves a lot of attention. It also pulls off the metroidvania formula in a really nice way, the stakes for exploring are super low which could easily be considered a negative but i quite enjoyed hunting the coolest poncho, but equally enjoyed just ignoring those areas when i didn't feel like it anymore.

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3. Resident Evil 2 REmake

When i was but a foolish 10 year old i rented RE2, and absolutely HATED it. Not until RE4 did they make a game that controlled well enough for me to tolerate it, so obviously a game that controls better and looks better and sounds better along with a better story is an obvious win. This game was just so fun, the map is incredible, the faces look great, almost as good as the hamburgers.

2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

For most of the year I did not think anything would be able to top Sekiro, its the natural evolution of one of my favorite series ever, taken in the direction i could only have dreamed of back when i was fumbling through demon souls not quite understanding what i was doing. Literally the only better theme they could have chosen for me personally is mechs, which, they might still do some day. ARMORED SOULS exists. I believe. This game is heavily inspired by Tenchu, a series that despite its questionable quality i enjoyed a great deal. Ninja tools and mobility are the name of the game and i couldn't be happier wielding them. There are only two things that hold this back from my top slot in the end and its the lack of loot/customization, and the simple raw difficulty. This game is so punishing, and the final boss requires you to be on point through more, for a longer time period than any other encounter they have made.

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1. Control

Its rare that i find a game like this, because i struggle with titles that lack significant quality in gameplay i sometimes miss out on games with stories that i would otherwise enjoy.

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Control easily dashes out the way of this problem by creating one of the most satisfying games about what is basically a superhero ever made. Jesse strikes just the right balance between feeling like a psychic god and getting overwhelmed by enemy forces. I cannot stress enough how unlikely it is that this game feels good, the more ability and freedom you give a character in my experience the less likely the game works. Not only does it work well here but its also just part of the character, Jesse is the opposite of so many protagonists these days, where they are apathetic she is enthusiastic, where they are reluctant she is ambitious.

It makes perfect sense within her character that she would embrace these abilities and become the best < Director/Protagonist > she can be. In addition to that the supporting characters around her and the world itself are full of personality and some of the best writing ive seen in a game since...well since deus ex was good. Just in case none of that was enough it also has loot and costumes.

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