Rock Band Rivals: First Impressions

Rock Band 4 Recap - Last year's release of Rock Band 4 was shaky. Jeff's review was pretty spot on with all of the issues (lack of features, problems with downloading old DLC). Even with all of the problems, I still loved the game. Just being able to play Rock Band on new consoles was enough at the time. But as the year wore on, the lack of features kept me from playing very much at all and the MadCatz guitar started to fall apart (buttons would get stuck or become unresponsive and it just felt like it was going to come apart at any minute).

With my MadCatz guitar slowly dying, the new PDP guitar was a major selling point of the expansion and it is a huge improvement. It feels sturdier than the older one and I really like the look of the blue. The buttons even feel a little better while playing and it sure is nice not having to worry about any of them sticking.

The first in-game change you'll notice is the new UI. The original UI was clunky and hard to navigate. Harmonix made some minor changes throughout the year, but this is a much more substantial change. It's sleeker, faster, and actually feels like part of a final, released product. My favorite change is that you can now scroll through Artists by their first letter rather than crawling through each and every one.

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