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Trials of the Bad Ideas 0

The Trials franchise is now the second Ubisoft brand to get the Blood Dragon treatment after 2013's well-received Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Unfortunately, this game feels and plays like a soulless business decision instead of the love letter to campy action movies that the first Blood Dragon was. So where did they go wrong?I never want to do this again.The biggest issue is that this isn't just a Trials game with a Blood Dragon filter over it. There is some classic Trials gameplay but it is inters...

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PoP: Forgotten Sands 0

I just recently finished the game so I had plenty of time to see reviews of the game before I actually got my hands on it. Most of the reviews I read weren't too high on the game so my expectations weren't exactly through the roof. But, after finishing the game I have to say, I enjoyed my time with it. The Forgotten Sands is essentially a direct sequel to last gen's PoP: Sands of Time, and shares that title's core gameplay features. The Prince gains the ability to rewind time early on and the me...

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