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2 and a half years later

2 and a half years later, many things have changed for sure. Life has taken me through many interesting journeys and I've changed a good amount over these years. My blog will defiantly be updated a lot more from now on since I've kind of rejected it like a 1 night stand baby. If anyone reads this, I hope you enjoy some random tidbits I just put on this site. Other then life, video games have been good to me and does many of my other interests. Its only 9 AM here so I can't really think of anything interesting to say other then thanks for bringing an interesting flavor to the site.


Yay 1,000 posts

After 4 and a half months a thousand useless posts later, I have created my first blog and my 1,000 post. This 1,000 post thing is just an excuse for me to write a blog post so you all can skip over this and continue doing what ever the hell you do on Giant Bomb and now, I have to get to 2,000 posts and I'll leave you with this ridiculous fight from Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, don't watch it if you haven't played the game because it's a spoiler.