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I finally broke down! 0

I held out on buying Knights of the Old Republic 2 for a while, because I'm somewhat of a Bioware "fanboy", and didn't think that any other game company could develope a game that would live up to the original.  I was wrong.  This game actually surpasses the original in several ways.  However, I'm not saything that Bioware couldn't have done better if they had made KOTOR 2.  I know people encountered bugs in this game,  but I really didn't have that much trouble with them, there were occasional ...

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Best Educational Game Ever 0

This is my favorite educational game of all time,  and by that I don't mean a game that's primary goal is entertainment, but happens to be educational, like the Civilizations,  I mean out of games that are primarily for education.  Preamble over, this game is just too damn cool for school, which is probably why it was never one of the educational games that I saw in a school.  However, if I ran a school, I would totally include Zoombinis in the lesson plan because, besides being one of the most ...

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