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@mirado: I don't really ask for CAWs exactly, I'd just let you know if I'm interested in them or not. I put some personal preference into adding them, but most of the suggestions I get are characters from game's I'm not too familiar with. I just check to see if they look good in game and are close to their real appearance.

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Hey guys. Totally didn't know there was a VGCW thread thriving here. Cool.

I know it's been said when the Giant Bump first happened, but on behalf of me an Bazza, we thank you all for enjoying the shows and spreading the love.

If you have any questions for me regarding WVGCW or anything I can attempt to enlighten you about regular VGCW, feel free to ask and I'll try and reply when I get the time.

(By the way, Ladies' Night is tomorrow/Sunday at the usual time.)

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For anyone still interested: The PAX site finally put up the floor plan PDF with listings for each booth number.

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UPDATE: Here is the Official PDF floor plan from the PAX East site.

So the Guidebook app (that can be found on the PAX East site) has the newly released PAX East 2013 guide. On there I found the Floor Plan maps for this year. Sadly though, the smaller booths don't have descriptions. Once/if a PDF is released, I'm sure a more detailed floor plan will be there, but for now here's what we got:

No Caption Provided
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No Caption Provided

This is mostly for the impatient/paranoid planners out there.

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To add to the list of examples:

I used to be the top contributor of the LittleBigPlanet 2 page. When the beta launched, I noticed that I wasn't top contributor there either. I was going to check if the issue was rectified when the beta data was reset, but personal stuff came up and I forgot. I guess it was still is an issue.

I don't know if I lost points, as I didn't keep a record of what they were pre-launch. But I did lose my contribution point count on the LBP2 page and my profile.

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UPDATE! You can now find ALEX NAVARRO, MATTHEW RORIE, TONY GUERRERO, and SARA LIMA on the Steam Workshop now! 
If you happen to get this game as a gift, or get it cheap from steam or amazon, check these out!
@thomasonfa: Feel free too! I don't think I have that kind of patience with the AI. Finding out the best way to pose these characters was hard enough (Adjective: "Motionless").
@Benny: They're made to mimic the shorts he wears in the Hardcore Dave image. So I think they're just jersey-type shorts. 
Merry Christmas, Duders!
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UPDATE! You can now find ALEXIS GALLISA, SEAN COONCE, JOEY FAMELI, COOL BABY, and LUCHADEER on the Steam Workshop now!

Most of these took a fair bit of time to get right, so enjoy them everyone!
@Fink: Also, thank you!

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Thanks again everyone for the kind words. I've been a bit busy as of late, so when I get a free chance, I'll hop back into the game and see what else I can come up with. 
@galloughs: Thought about making Jamie or Adam, but I don't have nearly the same attachment to them as I do the real crew. I might be able to make Joey, we'll see. 
@EvanFavreau: But you get Nintendo characters that you can't edit in any way at all! 
@meatdimensionfighter: Every Duder has something on them like that. I list them in each of their descriptions on the Steam Workshop.

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@DeF: You're too kind. 
@ShaggE: Yes.
@MildMolasses: It was only black hair shaven heads I could find in the game. It's also why he has sunglasses, because a similar shaven head I found cant be colored because it doesn't have a solid black line along the hairline. TL;DR: It's complicated and that was the best I could find. 
@AlexanderSheen: I'll get to Cool Baby, but a Luchadeer is very hard. I can't separate the head and neck from the rest of the body, and if I make a mask it will be the same side since the deer in the game is sideways. I might be able to make something of it all, but no promises.
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@CH3BURASHKA: The tools are a little tricky to work with, and the scripting feature isn't as expanded as I would have liked, but it's still neat.
@buzz_clik: Thank you, Mr. Clik ... Mr. Buzz?
@liako21: On his recent Funky Barn live stream, actually!  
@EvilSpants: For now. I'm sure it will be in the Steam Holiday Sales though.  
@Baltimore: Just added him! And Dave too!
Drew and (Hardcore) Dave!
Drew and (Hardcore) Dave!
@PokeIkzai: I would of had him holding a "Vacuum Flask", but the ones in the game have straws sticking out of them.  
@selbie: Drew and Dave are NOW!