My Consoles/Handhelds/Devices Wishlist

I've gotten into collecting games.
I also wish to play some some titles I've never had a chance to. To do this though, I'd need a means to play them.
This list is a reminder to myself of game mediums I'd like in my possession.
I will add to this list when interest in other devices comes to me, and remove ones when I purchase them.

List items

  • If I can find one near me, I'd like one so I could maybe invest in some old Game Boy titles.

  • Game Boy Player <<<< If I got one of these, I could try out a wider range of Game Boy titles that I've missed, namely Game Boy Advance.

    Game Boy Advance <<<< If I can't get the above, then this would be a suitable second.

  • A lot of cool titles came from this device and I'm sad I missed out.

  • Persona 4 Golden is tempting me, but if I spend money on a Vita it will need more games and probably a price drop.

  • Looks interesting but I'm not a fan of "innovation" in the console market (I just want a regular controller in my hands). If Nintendo can persuade me, I'll get this console. Also, I'd use this as a means to grab up some of the Wii titled I've missed.

  • Who knows where Sony can go with the PS4.