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My Top 20 Favorite Games

My personal top 20 favorite games as of mid-September 2012. Best read from bottom to top.
Something like this is hard to really quantity. My feelings on the games late in the list can all easily shift among themselves depending on nostalgic thoughts of the day. Mostly these games are ones I grew up with and gained an appreciation for over my earlier years. It is in no way indicative of one games quality or gameplay over another. Also all of this is personal opinion, and I know it differs from everyone else ever.
Also potential spoilers I guess....

List items

  • I love to build in games. From create-a-character to create-a-wrestler to create-a-skatepark, I love it.

    When I heard of LBP1's promises of vast and free user creation, I was skeptical. When it was released, I wasn't let down. Its creation possibilities are endless and were only improved with it's sequel (this game).

    Creation was no longer just platforming trickery. There are a wide variety of direct control mechanics and logic with the ease of use from the original title.

    I'm not a master creator, but LBP2 is a game I can sink my creative mind into whenever I want, and be satisfied with what I can do and make.

    With the community, any game is possible within this one. Arcade games, platforming games, motion games, and more. This game is practically a million games.

    Heck I've probably bought the game 2 times over with all the DLC I've purchased.

  • This is my favorite Metal Gear Solid game. So much so that I own four separate versions of it (original, subsistence, essentials collection and HD collection).

    Snake Eater solidified me as an MGS fan. It was the first in the series I purchased on my own, so I never really experienced any of the games completely new before. I was blown away by its production value, story and characters, the over the top cutscenes it took so seriously, and the challenging stealth gameplay.

    Upon finishing, I learned of the upcoming Subsistence version and grabbed it (and the PS2 Online adapter) the first chance I could.

    I loved Metal Gear Online. It took the game I loved and made it into a great and varied multiplayer experience that it's return in MGS4 couldn't top.

  • This was the first PlayStation 1 game I ever played. I guess I was a little late into the game... I gained my appreciation for the platforming genre with this game. The story was practically a cartoon that entertained the hell out of me as a kid. The worlds in this game are vastly different from each other, with a style that reflects the universe. There are many hidden things to collect and levels to unlock and much to do as a kid. It was a great way to start my 3D game experience.

  • This was the first GTA game I bought into the hype with. Along with the game, I got the Official Sound Track (the one with the bonus DVD) as well as the Strategy Guide. Not to mention the pages and pages of cheat codes I printed out.

    San Andreas has a ton of things to do, and many ways to do them. The scale was amazing for it's time, and the story and characters were the best in the genre. It also has the best fun-enhancing cheats to date.

  • Unlike Jeff Gerstmann, I liked Sonic & Knuckles. The visuals were improved over its predecessors, and the multiple intertwining dual stories drew me in. I also never owned Sonic 3 growing up, so that's probably why that game isn't here instead. The levels were diverse and beautiful as well as designed for speed and exploring. The last great traditional Sonic game.

  • A "fighting" game with as much charm as it has control. The legend it left among other players truly shows what an impact this game had. You didn't deserve a gamecube if you didn't have this game.

  • Beautiful and vast. Wind Waker game me an appreciation for LoZ that I never really had until I played it. Cleaver design, a charming story, and an enormous world to explore gave me many hours to sink into.

  • CTR has more personality in its tracks and its racers then Mario Kart will ever have. Every track has a twist to it and it's the only Kart racer I know with a story and boss battles. I must have gotten close to max completion with this title as it has a lot to find and unlock.

  • It is hard to wrap up 20 years of story, and Kojima gave it his all. While some aspects could have been handled better, the story telling in this game alone is the greatest of the series when it was created. The situation gets dire and almost at a breaking point for the player as they must compete in the world's greatest button tapping event followed by the greatest mechanics twist EVER. It wrapped things up in a rough bow but left you satisfied.

  • The game that began my DBZ game love/hate relationship. I'm not good at fighting games, but having grown up with DBZ, I dove into this title to no disappointment. The story encases all of the things you would like from DBZ (and some) and the fighting captured the power and speed of the show well. To date it is still the best Dragon Ball Z game.

  • This cinematic and fast paced title brings the trials and tribulation of Nathan Drake to a blockbuster breaking point. Uncharted 2 is the most "movie" game you will experience, even more so then anything you'll get from Metal Gear Solid. The combat is fluid and rewarding while retaining a balance that wont frustrate you too much for your mistakes. Things that Uncharted 3 did not do for me.

  • Some people would rather play solely as an assassin, but the science fiction twist to me is essential in this franchise. Ezio is a perfect character to grow along with as you play (this and his two later titles), and having the overarching Desmond story helps make the history have an impact in the modern day events.

  • The most unique weapons and worlds in video games come from Ratchet & Clank. This was the only title from the franchise that I owned for a long time and, so I leveled up the weapons and explored every planet many, many times.

  • Despite people claiming that Portal 1 had the better story (meaning they were surprised it had any), Portal 2 is the best sequel they could have possibly made. The depths of Aperture are an amazing place and the characters introduces are instantly likable. New mechanics, multiplayer, and Steamworks set this game ahead for me.

  • Metal Gear style stealth is all well and good, but some times you want truly be hiding in plain sight. Every objective is a puzzle as the technical nature of the Splinter Cell series reaches it's all time high with Chaos Theory. I only hope that some new title takes what Chaos Theory had and improves on it rather then the disappointing way the franchise is currently going.

  • The fastest and most balanced platformed I've ever played. It speaks volumes when I can zone out with a game, get into that "zen state", and repeat the same section over and over, and yet never get frustrated. The only misstep with this game are the 3 life limit warp zones, as retrying them is not instant, and thus you get discouraged from continuing.

  • For one of my first PS2 games, this title blew me away with its seamless and vast world full of characters and things to do. Though the ultimate goal was collecting, this title kept me entertained during my early days of the PS2.

  • Cole feels like a genuinely plausible super hero, at least in the video game sense. His powers are executed well and the traversal is everything you would want. The only thing holding this game (and its sequel) back is the difficulty.

  • The Spyro game are some of the first 3D game experienced I had. Ripto's Rage brings a new story and cast of characters to the great world design that Insomniac is known for.

  • I like Perfect Dark over Golden Eye. It has more unique weapons, a more interesting story, and a way cooler multiplayer mode. Overall a much cooler game. If it wasn't for the Expansion Pak thing, I would have owned this game sooner.