2017 Game of the Year

Little feedback on 2017 for me. I got a new job and I got a new house. Most of all I sold my Xbox One for a Switch, while keeping my PS4 as my primary console.

2017 was goooood. Like really good for games. The first couple of months was the strongest start for games that I can remember in a long time. This is my first time to do a game of the year list, so stay with me.

I am poor. Like broke, so half of my items will be 2016 games, some that I have never played beforehand.

Looking back at 2017. I still put a ton of time into Rocket League. It is so fucking good, along with being the game my buddies call me every Wednesday to play. It is just so easy to say I am playing 5 minutes and look up later and 4 hours has passed. So 2016's 2017 game of the year is Rocket League. And with the release of Rocket League on the Switch, I look forward to 2016's 2018 game of the year being Rocket League again.

2017 was the first time I ever played a Zelda game. Boy oh boy did I choose a good one to start out with. Breathe of Wild was incredible, and it had to be. The Switch had nothing coming out until July and Zelda kept me busy until then. Countless times I just smiled playing that game. The motion control maze dungeon was a perfect example of this. I HATED this level. But then I realized I could just turn the maze upside down and do it that way. Perfect example of the freedom of that game. Also that quick look is amazing!

Mario Odyssey was, like Zelda, one of the first Mario games I played since 64. (I know, do I even game??) I fell off hard of the Nintendo bandwagon. Blame Microsoft. Like Zelda, I just kept smiling while playing Mario.

But enough explaining, I'll just make my list.

List items

  • It is good. Thanks Cappy.

  • Hey its Destiny. Shooting is good. Fell off hard like the rest... But dang after 2 months of playing it until 3 in the morning it has to go on the list.

  • I think this may be suffering from coming out so early in the year. I loved this game early on.

  • First Splatfest. Common theme around Nintendo products, I just smiled playing this game. I felt good after putting it down. SPLAT ON

  • This game is beautiful! It is also incredibly hard. It was one of those games my wife wanted to look at and play.

  • Spoke of this before. Best free game I ever got, one of the top games I ever got.

  • Played this again while I hurt my knee. I played it with the commentary. Firewatch is beautiful, in a way that I go hey I should go do some nature stuff.

  • I have a strange relationship with it. I forget about it for awhile and then go hey remember that, and lose myself for a few months.

  • Got it for free from PS4. Really fun. Can't believe it won game of the year.

  • I hate myself for this, since they basically cloned PUBG. But I don't have a PC and I have lost myself in this game for the past few months. I am sorry...