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Would God approve? 0

  I don’t have many fond memories of my teenage years, but the best part of my last year of middle school was undoubtedly the release of Xenogears. It forever changed what I expected from games and also altered my direction in life. This sci-fi RPG was innovative in many ways, but what impressed me the most was its multilayered plot that moved me despite its subpar localization. Xenogears might have deeply affected me in 1998, but I began to wonder if my memories of it were greater than the gam...

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Slaying the dragon is nine parts fun, one part work 0

  When I gave a family member Dragon Quest 9 as a Christmas gift suggestion, I wasn’t all that excited about it. To be honest, I only put it on my list because fellow gamers had been raving about spending 200 hours with the game. Despite enjoying Dragon Quest 4 and 5, I feared that 9 would present a slightly altered version of 8’s slow battles and a sprawling world I didn’t care about. Fortunately, I was wrong. Dragon Quest 9 does rely heavily on battles, but it takes the best aspect of 8’s syst...

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Dragon Quest 6: Where two worlds are greater than one 0

  Occasionally, it’s nice to escape from the industrialized world. Some people do this through camping. Others kick a ball across an empty field. Those who like to experience an idyllic fantasy play Dragon Quest. On February 14, the latter group’s dream was fulfilled, as the only Dragon Quest never to reach America, Dragon Quest 6, arrived in American retail stores. Dragon Quest 6 isn’t just special for being the last Dragon Quest to arrive – it’s also a part of what many consider to be the gold...

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Samus shedding her bathing suit wouldn't save this game 0

  Last September, I was bombarded with tweets about Metroid: Other M being sexist. Each time I saw one of those 140-character messages, I rolled my eyes thinking that Americans were once again expecting an indestructible, emotionless space marine. Admittedly, a tear-shedding Samus would have been a bit different from the stoic heroine of prior space-faring adventures, but I wouldn’t exactly pound my fists and spill my coffee.  A bulletproof woman or man is not essential to my enjoyment of a sci...

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Can Final Fantasy Redeem Itself? 0

  Note: This Final Fantasy 13 review reveals no plot details other than the first few seconds of the opening sequence. Character names and occasional area descriptions may be included, however, so read at your own risk. Reuniting With A Lost Child It took five long years (nine if you're of the camp that doesn't consider Final Fantasy 11 and 12 true Final Fantasies), but the most recent title in a legendary RPG series that'll either make you choke a moogle or elevate your happiness to Level 99 ha...

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Not For The Cold-Hearted 0

  With yearly releases of Namco Bandai's Tales games becoming the norm, some RPG fans may be feeling pains of Talesophobia. Fortunately for the franchise's cadre of fans, I'm not a person who fears the series. I may not appreciate each Tales release equally, but I'm not yet sick of the series. That's a good thing, as I recently dropped $36 on a Japanese-only Tales release known as Tales of Hearts. This tiny DS cart is one of the four core Tales titles that never made its way to the U.S., which i...

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If This Is Heaven, I'm Not Sold 0

  Recently, I plopped down in my recliner, turned on the TV, and booted up a shiny Blu-ray. After viewing the Ninja Theory logo that briefly flashed on-screen, I caught a glimpse of a fiery redhead with a bangin' body. I thought I was in Heaven. Once I delved into Heavenly Sword, I quickly forgot about the heroine Nariko's preference for fighting in her undergarments; instead, I was fixated on her East-Asian inspired world. Heavenly Sword's environments and denizens draw heavily on the majestic ...

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Experience 22 Legendary Capcom Games 0

  Not too long ago, I reviewed a collection of arcade games I found as delightful as a sleigh full of toys is to a six year-old. Despite the repetitious nature of its games, Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 impressed me with its eclectic cast of brawlers, shooters, platformers, and puzzlers. I had nearly as much fun reviewing those retro games as I did playing them, so I decided that I would repeat the process -- except this time with the original Capcom Classics Collection that I played one...

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Are There Enough Capcom Classics to Warrant a Purchase? 0

  Classic game anthologies are often difficult to review because of the plethora of old-school favorites (and stinkers) they contain. When opening a game such as Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 2 that includes 20+ titles, it must be decided whether each title should be reviewed individually, or if the package should be judged as a whole. To simplify this potentially messy situation, I've decided to summarize each title, then determine the value of this entire classics collection. 1941: Going...

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This Homecoming Ain't No Celebration 0

  A nurse -- sinister in appearance is hovering over you. The sound of wheels can be heard below your motionless body. You wake up strapped to a bed in what appears to be a grotesque hospital. The male nurse carts you into a room that looks more like an interrogation chamber than the room of a patient; then he leaves into the impenetrable darkness that lies beyond your room. Soon thereafter, you hear a crunching sound and a scream. Not willing to risk the nurse's fate, you bust out of your shack...

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Is This Origin Story Worthy of the Silent Hill Name? 0

  If you've clicked on this review, there's a good chance you've played a Silent Hill title before. By now, you're probably familiar with the series' intriguing storylines, creepy sound effects, and relatable characters. If you've played the entire series, you've stepped in the shoes of an adoptive parent, an individual with an overwhelming sense of guilt, a teenage girl who holds a secret, and a pretty boy who can't even unlock his apartment door. One of the more recent titles: Silent Hill Orig...

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I'm Glad My Room Isn't This Terrifying 0

  Have you ever felt scared during a lonely night at your apartment? If you've ever lived in a dangerous area, have had difficulty breathing, or have been robbed before, there's a good chance that you've felt true fear. Even if the scariest thing you've experienced is an unexplainable noise, it still doesn't feel good being trapped in your own home. If you've ever wanted to face those fears, there's a game that literally traps you in your own room called Silent Hill 4. Like other Silent Hill tit...

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Do New Locales and a Female Lead Create a Fresh Silent Hill? 0

  If you were fortunate enough to play the first two Silent Hill games, you probably have certain expectations for the series. After experiencing either of those titles, most Silent Hill fans would expect an intriguing premise, horrific environments, and startling sound effects at the bare minimum in any future Silent Hill. They might even desire gameplay alterations such as an improved control scheme, less backtracking, and easier puzzles, but most players would be satisfied with a game that me...

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Is This Steamy, Downloadable Threesome Worthy of Your Dollars? 0

  The twenty years I've spent playing video games have taught me three things about my gaming brethren: they all own computers, their use of the Internet is constantly changing, and they all enjoy a good ménage à trois.   The types of threesomes gamers enjoy can vary, however. Some prefer goddess on goddess on goddess action represented by the Triforce in Zelda; others enjoy the card game Triple Triad from Final Fantasy; and more aggressive individuals prefer Viking threesomes found in the co...

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Is Konami's First PS2 Survival Horror Epic Still Worth Exploring? 1

  Ten years after the release of Silent Hill, I finally got around to experiencing this renowned Survival Horror series. The first title impressed this post-Resident Evil 4 Survival Horror fan with its open-ended storyline, horrifying sound effects, unique gameplay mechanics, and interesting characters. I was never a huge zombie fan, so I appreciated that Silent Hill brought something new to the Survival Horror genre. That terrifying adventure's storyline really gripped me -- so much so that I w...

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Is This Quirky $6 PlayStation Title Still Worth A Look? 0

  If there's one thing that video game critics have in common, it's that we like to complain. We'll whine about boring missions, repetitive random battles, and a lack of innovation, but when we're faced with a title that's seemingly indescribable, we drop our pens and panic. One of these titles is Um Jammer Lammy for the original PlayStation (also available on PSN). For individuals who played the hit rhythm game, PaRappa the Rapper, you'd think it'd be easy to describe its quirky, rockin' spinof...

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900s, Scandalous Tapes, and Ollies 0

  Remember when skateboarding games were actually fun? No? Well put away your Tony Hawk Ride deck, and travel back to the late '90s when a developer called Neversoft did the impossible. Back in 1999, practically no one believed a skateboarding video game could be fun other than Neversoft and a couple of  stoners. Sadly, I was one of the many doubters when I observed my best friend's pal who didn't normally game playing a PlayStation title called Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Admittedly, I thought the...

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A Linear, But Beautiful Xbox Flying Experience 0

  Anyone who has had the opportunity to play the Sega Saturn Panzer Dragoon titles knows that they were a visual tour de force for that particular system. Most of the Panzer Dragoon games were brief experiences (Panzer Dragoon Saga being the only exception), but they are still generally thought of as superb on-rails shooters. With Panzer Dragoon Orta, Sega tried to bring the series' magic back -- only this time it would be released on Microsoft's black and green console. Did this experiment succ...

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Is This Saga Worthy of Your Tuition Money? 2

  When you're eighteen, you have three choices in life: you can buy a car, put the money you've earned towards your college tuition, or you can blow your money on Panzer Dragoon Saga -- one of the rarest video games in existence. This Sega Saturn title frequently goes for $180-250, so anything less is a steal. Sure, if you had two hundred dollars to spend, it's not like you could buy a Mercedes-Benz, but you might be able to get a used Kia Rio (or a Christmas present for your significant other) ...

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An NES RPG Classic Held Captive in Japan 0

  Many gamers are familiar with Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan) thanks to Super Smash Bros. and numerous top video game lists, but few are aware that it has an NES prequel called Mother. Mother, also referred to as Earthbound Zero, was nearly released in the U.S., but Nintendo abandoned the project at the last minute after the game had been fully translated. It's a shame, because its unique setting probably would have impressed fans of 8-bit RPGs. Like other RPGs of the NES era, Mother features a...

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A Tale of Wild Roses And Imperial Corruption 0

  Few RPG franchises have lasted as long as Final Fantasy, and none are able to compete with its thirteen-man roster. This long-running series holds a special place in the hearts of many, but few have played the entire series. Many gamers have played the Playstation-era Final Fantasies, and perhaps even the 16-bit titles, but most haven't touched the NES installments; especially the ugly duckling of the series, sometimes referred to as Final Fantasy 2. Before you get confused about which FF2 thi...

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Is This Genre-Birthing Quest Still A Hero? 1

  You're journeying through a massive world and have two choices: you can either save a hot babe or slay the Dragon Lord. Which would you choose? Regardless of your decision, you don't have to make that choice in the first RPG to hit the NES, because Dragon Quest allows fans of 8-bit games to do both. This 8-bit title amazed Japanese gamers back in 1986, because it brought the immersive experience of PC RPGs such as Wizardry to consoles. It didn't reach the U.S. until three years later in the fo...

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Crazier Than A New York Cabbie 0

Remember the days when arcade racers were just as common as having to sell a kidney to be able to afford a taxi? If we're on the same page, you probably remember games like San Francisco Rush and Crazy Taxi. Both of these titles were novel driving games, but Crazy Taxi was arguably more innovative with its high-speed passenger unloading. In Crazy Taxi, your goal was to pick up as many passengers as you could within the time limit, and make sure they arrived at their destinations in a timely mann...

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A Wacky Racer That Definitely Belongs On The Wii 0

Is the word 'extreme' part of your vocabulary? If so, there's a chance you've torn up a dirt road or two while riding your unwieldy bike or ridiculously large truck. Okay, maybe you've only done that on your NES, Nintendo 64, or Wii, but that still counts. What I'm trying to say is, if you've enjoyed any game in Nintendo's famous offroad Excite series, then perhaps you should look at Nintendo's latest Wiilease. Sorry for the bad pun, but if you like endangering your life with unusual vehicles on...

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To The House of Pac-Man: Are You Sure This Isn't A Demo? 0

Once upon a time, there were arcade racers that were uglier than the worst 'Yo Momma' joke. Usually, these games would have players following a straight path -- only taking the occasional bend. This is what players called "thrilling" in the '80s, but the '90s were a different game.  During the mid to late '90s, gamers desired polygons and realistic race tracks with cars that actually followed them, instead of remaining stationary. Fortunately, their wish was granted when the wonderful genie know...

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Is This Italian Plumber's Wii Adventure Really New? 1

  Here we go! I'm-a-number one! I'm-a-Nintendo and I think I-a-can always win. I don't think I'm speaking for Mario here, but when it comes to Nintendo and the Mario franchise, I think this stance is fairly accurate. Nintendo would like to think that any adventure with Mario is a must-buy, and often times, it's true. But is this the case with New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Fans of 2D platformers are an increasingly fickle bunch, even though we endure bouts of starvation, so it's important to know if...

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The Soul of this Blazing Hot Action-RPG Still Burns 0

  What do you think of when you hear the word, 'Enix'? If you're a video game fan, you probably think of Dragon Quest. That may be Enix's most successful RPG franchise, but they actually released a number of quality action-RPGs for the SNES during the 16-bit era. When it comes to action-RPGs, Enix is most famous for ActRaiser and Illusion of Gaia, but few people know of the title that was released in-between those two gems. A relatively unknown title released in 1992 known as Soul Blazer actual...

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Was This RPG Doomed From the Beginning? 0

  Long ago, four warriors led by the red-haired Maxim challenged four mighty sinistrals that ruled over the Earth from their massive fortress in the sky. With the aid of the dual blade, they felled these demons -- or so they thought. It wasn't until a century after the death of Maxim that the true adventure began.... Despite the abundance of clichés in the opening portion of Lufia, it is one of the RPG genre's greatest beginnings. During the opening sequence, you waltz into a floating fortress w...

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Can Torchlight Illuminate Diablo's World of Darkness? 0

  Fans of PC action-RPGs are likely already familiar with the latest Diablo. After all, it was just released a couple months ago. Before you call me all sorts of four letter words for being wrong, I'll have you know that the most recent Diablo release is not Diablo 3. In fact, it doesn't even use the Diablo name. Instead, it falls under a new moniker: Torchlight. Okay, so while Torchlight isn't a true Diablo 2 successor, it does take inspiration from the series and was produced by a number of de...

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Tired of Using Your Opposable Thumbs? Get Your Scratch On! 0

  Yo, when's the last time your head was bobbing to some dope beats? Were you at the club? At a concert? Or were you chillin' at home with a controller in your hand like yours truly? Alright, I'm gonna keep it real with y'all. I don't care how you hang your head. Instead, I'm going to knock off this phony lingo and give you the scoop on an original music game from Activision. (wait, do original and Activision even belong in the same sentence?) By now, practically every gamer and their frat boy ...

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An Untimely Review of the Now Not So New Super Mario Bros. 0

Lately, I've had to the urge to replay titles immediately before their sequels hit, so I couldn't break this routine that is soon to become tradition with New Super Mario Bros. I wasn't looking forward to the upcoming Wii release until recently, so to make sure that I really wanted this Mario that will most certainly be a retail blockbuster, I decided to revisit New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS in the truest form by replaying the entire title. Being a Mario game veteran, it didn't take ...

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Is This Second Modern War Justified? 0

Note: Modern Warfare 2's plot is an important component of each individual's gaming experience, so I've decided to make this review spoiler-free. I will not be discussing the many locations players will travel to in Modern Warfare 2, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. I recently replayed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so that I'd be ready to ingest every gory detail of its sequel's storyline. The original Modern Warfare is easily my favorite shooter of the current console generation (at leas...

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Since When Did Warfare Become Fun? 0

About a year ago, I played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  for the first time and didn't think it was anything special. Don't get me wrong, I felt that the game mechanics were solid and recognized that Infinity Ward meticulously designed Modern Warfare's world, but I just never felt like playing it again after I was done. Sure, I tried the multiplayer for a bit, but when I was getting killed almost immediately after spawning, I didn't feel encouraged to come back.  Despite not appreciating all ...

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Do Realistic Firefights and Visuals Make For A Great Game? 0

If you're a fan of first-person shooters, there's a good chance that you have a Halo-playing Xbox 360 or a computer with a beefy one-thousand dollar graphics card. By the rare chance that you don't own either, it's likely that you spend your time gripping your Wii Zapper gangsta-style while playing Rayman Raving Rabbids, or you might even use those weird Playstation 3 analog sticks -- on games other than first-person shooters. If you're one of those unusual first-person shooter fans who owns a...

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Final Fantasy 12's Vaan Reviews Dissidia: Final Fantasy 0

Hi everyone! I'm Captain Basch! Just kidding. I actually got tired of that gig awhile ago. Still, I make sure to show off my sexy, hairless chest to the ladies at every opportunity. But now, I mostly spend my time imitating my girlfriend Penelo, and that hot piece of ass known as Ashe. That totally gorgeous babe even inspired me to get a makeover! Oh my gosh, I get it already. You don't need to hear more about me hunting vicious sewer rats and my other heroic exploits. Instead, let me give you m...

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Sometimes, Heroes Just Don't Have Enough Time 0

  In honor of one of the most unique RPGs the PSP (or any console) has seen in quite some time, I'd like to write a review in half a minute. Actually, scratch that. A thirty second review would be too brief to be of use to anyone, so instead, I'll divide my Half-Minute Hero review into thirty bite-sized chunks in honor of the game's thirty missions per mode.   Read on to find out if this game is worth thirty seconds (or several thirty second intervals) of your time. 1) Half-Minute Hero i...

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I Don't Usually Roll With Thieves, But Exceptions Can Be Made 0

  With all the hype riding behind Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, most PlayStation 3 owners are likely already familiar with Nathan Drake's latest treasure hunting expedition, and for good reason. The first Uncharted was a brilliant Indiana Jones-esque action-adventure, so it would be reasonable to expect the same from its sequel, right? Well here's the problem: my inner-pessimist was expecting the exact same game with a tacked on multiplayer mode. As I was purchasing Uncharted 2, I imagined that i...

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One Fifteen Dollar Game, Psychologist Not Included 0

  Over the years, I've come to realize that video games aren't that unusual. Yeah, we're controlling the lives of characters molded by artists and programmers, but rarely do these titles mess with our minds. Occasionally, a title will arise that breaks that trend (Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness immediately comes to mind), but usually games are quite tame...unless they're produced by Tim Schafer. During the early '90s, Tim Schafer gained a reputation among gamers for his wacky humor and writin...

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Living Life On The Edge 0

  Let's be honest here: most gamers don't live life on the edge. Sure, a few of us may bust out 900s on a skateboard, rock climb sheer cliffs, or attempt to surf tsunamis, but most of us would rather perform those dangerous activities with our controllers. Still, we occasionally need new thrills, so it's refreshing seeing titles that break boundaries like DICE's Mirror's Edge. Take all your preconceptions of a mirror and smash them to pieces, because you won't be staring at your reflection In Mi...

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This Game Shouldn't Be Left Uncharted 0

  Are you a fan of virtual jungle expeditions, but don't like leaving your cushy leather couch? Do you cosplay as the whip crackin' Indiana Jones? Did you enjoy ogling Lara Croft's enormous breasts in Tomb Raider? If you said yes to at least two of the above, there's a game out there that you have to play. This must-play title is not Indiana Jones for Wii or the latest Crash Bandicoot -- it's Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Uncharted puts you in the role of Nathan Drake -- a descendant...

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