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A fun multiplayer dungeon romp with RPG elements. 0

Castle Crashers is one of those Xbox Live Arcade games that is a must download.  The game features a great, hilarious art style similar to Alien Hominid, which isn't a surprise since it is by The Behemoth.  The similarities end there however, because Castle Crashers is more about a multiplayer dungeon hack, rather than a fast-paced shooting experience.  As the title implies, Castle Crashers is set in a fictional medieval world.  You and a few buddies control a variety of characters that can att...

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Tales Conquers Its Technical Flaws, But The Story Takes A Hit. 1

The Tales games are a brilliant series of RPGs that have steadily gained ground in the U.S. ever since the advent of Tales of Symphonia.  While its sales pale in comparison to Final Fantasy, it is not a series that should be overlooked.  The Tales games are notorious for providing an action-oriented RPG experience, and Vesperia is no exception.  Gamers that are turned off by turn-based battle systems, or are just looking for new types of experiences may want to check out this RPG that has more i...

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