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My Best of 2015

I played these games in 2015! They didn't all come out in 2015, but what are you going to do, I'm way behind! Actually, I haven't even completed some of these games yet, but if I love them, they're in.

List items

  • This was one of the most amazing experiences I've had with a visual novel. I adore its story and its characters in a way I cannot actually put into words. Probably the most a game has meant to me since Persona 4 Golden. Beautiful.

  • I'm only a bit into this game (it only came out a couple weeks ago!) but it is a culmination of so many classic JRPG elements, with a vast world backing it, and then they threw in Persona-like elements. Vast, traditional-feeling JRPG with great characters and some social bonds stuff. This presses all of my buttons.

  • This is the game I've wanted to play since I got Super Mario Bros. 3. Damned brilliant. I could (and probably might) play this forever.

  • I went to Evo for the first time because of this game, and got bodied by a top Japanese player because of it. This game is pretty cool, and I've had great times with it --- on my own, with friends, and hey --- it dragged me to at least one tournament.

  • I really like these games! Their story is simple, cute, for-the-audience jokey stuff, but gosh darn it, if it isn't a fun and silly set of story and characters they've put together. Add on some really solid JRPG combat, and a really addictive dungeon-to-town-to-dungeon-and-repeat loop, and all three of the games combine to this spot.

  • Gridders are great! I love gridders! Given that it's borne of ToHeart, it is a bit ecchi at points, but the actual dungeon crawling is SO GOOD.

  • It took me forever to get to this, but I finally did on Vita, and yeah. This is pretty good.

  • God, this is so good. It'd be higher on the list if I'd beaten it, but I'm saving it for a good spot in my schedule where I can get it done and just immerse myself in it. Just swim in all that retro. The soundtrack is especially amazing.

  • This is a really fun game they've put together, and it came out of essentially nowhere! And I got it for "free", which is the only way I would have tried it, and now I'm an absolute believer. Best Scoring Experience.

  • Fun times wrecking friends in Tetris modes, fun times wrecking friends in Puyo Puyo modes. Yeah. It's best on a home console, but I enjoyed it on my Vita as well. Shame you have to import it to play it.