First Impressions

I have spent around 30 hours with Ni No Kuni so far and all I can say is wow. Everything about this game just oozes with charm, from the gorgeous cutscenes to how extremely vibrant and beautiful the landscapes are the game just keeps impressing me more and more. The combat is very complex but I find it to be very rewarding, it is a JRPG so I do find myself grinding quite a bit but I still have yet to mind grinding battles are always interesting thanks mostly to the depth of options that are given to you in battle. It can be frustrating trying to tame some of the "familiars" however I have battled some monsters over and over 40 times with no luck in capturing them and then will have some that become available for capture every time. 
The thing that I enjoy about this game the most is the fact that it really has re-captured my love for JRPGS, it's taken me back to times over the summer when my time was consumed with all things Final Fantasy obsessed. The game is definitely not perfect, I find given my age that the story can be cringe-worthy (there is only so many times I can hear Oliver say geepers without cringing.) But overall this game is an experience that should not be missed I cannot wait to see what else the game has in-store for me.