You want to be a game developer? 3D & Game Programming Tutorials

There are many ways to start. Reading books and tutorials is one part of it. Testing example code or fooling around with SDK tools is another part. What you want to avoid is doing it all by yourself in your basement, without friends and/or people in the forums helping you. Yes, there are forums on the web, where people ask questions and get helpful answers. 
Have an idea, have a plan, write it down, talk to people, adjust, anticipate, and start drawing, writing, coding and clicking. Create something or borrow it and start from there. Build upon it. You need to stay motivated and having art material or a script or some pieces of code saved in your prefered IDE helps a lot.
Set yourself a goal. Give yourself a time frame. See how fast you progress and adjust your wishful thinking to reality if you don't achieve what you wanted in the time you gave yourself. There is no shame in failure. There's only shame in failing again and again because you did not learn from your previous mistakes.
Many skipped the 'Learn a programming language' and just used the tools that are already out there. These days big commercial games come with Mod-tools and SDKs, you can use free available Plugins, code snippets, even free soundfiles and textures. All you need today is to dedicate time to your project and the motivation to actually do it
Here are some free sources that might be helpful. Please add your own links, if you like to share with others.
General Sources
# Start Here @ (Website for "the green beginner to the seasoned industry veteran" as they put it)  
# NVIDIA Developer Zone: Development Whitepapers and Presentations 
# This page contains fundamental OpenGL tutorials and notes. All example programs are written by C++ with Dev-C++
# Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language (Freeware, Windows)  
# C++ Tutorials (one of many C++ sites - choose your own flavor, you can download free ebooks or read online)  
Unreal Engine
# Epic's Official UT3 Mod Community section of the Unreal Developer Network
# Doing stuff tutorials within the Unreal 3 Engine SDK - in general Moddb is a great site 
Irrlicht Engine
# A list of all tutorials available for the Irrlicht Engine
Ogre 3D
# Making a game with Ogre 3D -  This tutorial series steps you through the process of creating a 3D shoot'em'up game using the popular and powerful Ogre 3D engine
Adobe Flash - Flashgames
# Create Your Own Flash Adventure Game    
# Learn to create your first Flash game (you need a free trial version of Adobe Flash CS4)  
# Build a Classic Snake Game in ActionScript 2.0 Step by Step with quick result 
Microsoft Silverlight
# Multiple game tutorials with source code & info (Website needs you to already have Silverlight installed)
# 10 Minute Game Programming Tutorial: Silverlight 
Google Android Platform
# Creating a game on Google Android game with Flixel Tutorial
Apple iPhone / iPad Platform
cocos2d for iPhone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications 
# A Hands-On Guide To Building Your First iPhone Game” is now available in Safari Rough Cuts (book samples)
Microsoft XNA Game Studio (XBOX, GFW)
# Video tutorials to learn all about creating games with Microsofts XNA Game Studio
# XNA Game Tutorials by Riemer Grootjans, who also wrote a book about it. 

just a snapshot of many more - do you have any to add?

My only achievement point so far

I am not competitive. Yep! I'm that lame. You won't find my stats on any of the online-rankings, partially of course, because I suck at many games, partially b/c I don't care. So, just to prove that I am not totally lame, I have this recent one and only achievement, I want to document and share. 

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                               at the moment 2nd place (will not persue 1st place, so it's only going down from here on)

Sorry for this 'personal' blog ego-surfing entry. Usually the word " I " and the notion of "me me me" is something I avoid. Nothing more annoying than to read personal bullshit of people you don't know. True.
Do you care about your Achievements? And how much do you care? Does it bother you that somebody is in the top 10 and you are not?

Half-Life trivia as I remember it...

Half-Life trivia, as I remember it:

  1. Valve released a censored version of HL in Germany and other countries (?) in which they replaced the soldiers with metalic robots, with robot-voices. There was no blood. When you shot aliens they would disappear. When a scientist was killed, he would sit down on the ground, cross-legged.
  2. The term "half-life" referes to the decay of discrete entities, like radioactive isotopes. "Lambda" is a letter in the greek alphabet an is used as a term in science, which has several meanings - in this game most likely used because of it's meaning as the 'radioactive decay constant'. It was a prominent logo throughout the game. The valves in Valves game are probably pure happenstance. Also "Black Mesa" refers most likely to the rocket testing facility of the US Army in Utah.
  3. Half-Life was released with the Worldcraft-Editor on the CD-ROM, making Valve one of the first companies who gave away a sophisticated tool to play with for free.
  4. Half-Life used 8-bit (paletted) textures and was playable in software-mode, OpenGL and Direct3D. When it came out the discussions were heated about the factions who said, that the new NVidia TNT-cards would provide better 3d-rendering than 3dfx Voodoo1-cards. Valve was praised for the technical achievements (adding Direct3D to the Quake1-Engine, skeletal animation, lip-synching) as well as for the design and gameplay (AI), all things astonishingly well executed for a company launching their first game.
  5. Initially Valve started development in 1996 on two different games, one called 'Quiver' and a Myst-style adventure called 'Prospero' before they started from scratch, in 1997 on something we eventually came to know and love.

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