An open letter to Microsoft

 Well done to the guys over at Xbox Headquarters on your most recent update to the Xbox Gamertag system, thank you for removing all that useless information such as Zone , which many of us use to identify other like minded gamers. 

Thank you also for keeping the rep in place as like all other users I pride myself in having 5 stars and can now feel safe in the knowledge that at least one person, somewhere has told you that I’m a great person. 

I’m also particularly enjoying the new colour scheme, I love how it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the service you have built for me, everyone knows grey and black are the perfect compliment to green white and purple. 

Thank you for removing that hideous Tenure from the end of my name,  do people really need to know how long I’ve been a member? Probably not but I was glad you where able to make use of that now empty space by filling it with a measure of your own E-peen.

 Major Nelsons E-peen is a thing to behold!    
Major Nelsons E-peen is a thing to behold!    
 I would also like to say thank you for inviting me to your rewards program, I am thoroughly enjoying my time spent on that site even though I’m not eligible to earn very many points ,as your customer service team pointed out, as an early adapter to your services I already got my reward, having more time to play with the features.

 Speaking of features thank you for adding all the wonderful features to my Xbox such as Twitter, Facebook, Last.FM, Sky player and Zune Marketplace, there is nothing worse than having to use these free services on my PC with their slick interfaces and full functionality, having access to them for just £5.95 a month on my Xbox is much handier and better value, thank god you didn’t try to lumber me with services I might never use like ESPN or Hulu, you always know whats best for us UK users.

 Keep up the good work and remember that DLC I got a month earlier than other consoles is much better than Exclusive games.

Yours sincerely