Buying the games I avoided for some reason

 Last week I bought 3 games, Dead Space 2, Darksiders and Marvel VS Capcom 3. The weird thing is each of these games are games that I would typically avoid for one reason or another be it my lack of skill at fighting games ,my nervous disposition that stops me from enjoying a good scare or just plain old disinterest in the case of Darksiders.

Recently though I have become bored playing with shooters and with a few weeks to go until Dragon age I decided to just Bite the bullet and pick up a few games to tide me over and the strange thing is I really love each of these games.  

 With MVC3 the fighting system works really well with a control pad and seems a lot more accessible at a low level than street fighter ever did, its great when buddies come over, drink a few beers and just go at it.

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Darksiders started off slow, if you watch the quick look you’ll see what I mean, the one button combat and weird combat challenges but once you hit the dungeons and get a few items the game really picks up. I love the story, its cliché and totally weird to hear the joker voice from Arkham Asylum again.I Cnt believe I had no interest in this when it came out.

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Lastly Dead Space 2, normally I wouldn’t even play games like this, I hate being freaked out but recently on the pod cast I heard Jeff mention that he played it on easy and just played it like a shooter and didn’t worry about running out of ammo or any of that inventory stuff, so I bit the bullet and bought it. I’m about 2-3 hours in (chapter 4) and I love it, sure it makes me nervous but the gameplay and story make up for it.

The best thing was I only payed roughly $21 for it because I actually purchased Dead Space 1 but the foreign lady at the till put the wrong version in my bag.

I’d love to hear if any of you guys ever bought a game you would normally avoid and enjoyed it.