Best of 2010

buft: Best of 2010

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  • completely overhauled the mass effect experience for the better, better shooting mechanics,graphics and planetary exploration than before and a great soundtrack to go along with one of the best stories this year.

  • Fantastic single player, gripping storyline and a fun multiplayer mode brings this well rounded package in at number 2

  • A strong single player campaign backed up by the best competitive multiplayer this year keeps Halo:Reach in the top 3.

  • What seemed like a rehash of its previous iteration turned out to be one of the most refined sequels I have played in a long time. Additional multiplayer was a good addition but never held any lasting appeal for me.

  • the best zombie killing simulator bar none, add in to the mix the customisable weapon and co-op modes and you got yourself a good time, problems with multiplayer got this relagated a few places.

  • strong multiplayer and a surprisingly good single player.

  • short but satisfying jaunt through a futuristic landscape, if this was a longer game i would imagine it would have won for me.

  • Amazing platforming action, a ton of content and some of the most satisfying gameplay this year.

  • satisfying platforming and decent combat on top of a compelling story bring this game in at number 9.

  • Hair care never seemed so important than in this game, strange aesthetic and an even stranger protaganist combine to make the strangest action game this year. A great combat system puts this game in at number 10.