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Pacmania's back 0

 “Wakka Wakka Wakka”, the iconic chomping noise of the nefarious pizza shape pill eater is a sound familiar to arcades and home televisions since the early 80’s. One of the most familiar characters in video game history, Pacman has had the pleasure of appearing on nearly every platform imaginable and retaining its popularity without radically changing its core gameplay.30 years and over 30 iterations later everything changed in 2007 with the release of Pacman Championship edition which while ret...

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Adventures abound, bring your family 0

 “Let your friends know you wont be sitting on the couch much” the game blurs during the intro movie and while Kinect adventures can be seen as many things, you can never call it a liar because during your time with this game you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet.Surprisingly there is a story that connects the various activities within Kinect Adventures, you have become the newest member of  The Adventure Team, a group of  energetic go-getters who travel round the world performing hi-octane ac...

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The King and I 0

 For fans of the series a return to Albion has always been cause for celebration,  the world itself has been crafted and remoulded throughout the series making it as big a star as the games Protagonist. The third instalment of this swords and sorcery tale rejoins the world during what is essentially Albions industrial revolution which sees Albion under the iron fist of a ruthless king who has corrupted the land and its people, Children have been forced in to slavery and its people beg in the str...

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Pandemic's swan song 0

 Forget everything you know about World War 2 because pandemic have rewritten the rule book when it comes to the German occupation of France, the saboteur won't have you storming the beaches of Normandy or hiding out in trenches, in fact this time around you won't even play as a member of the army, you play Sean Devlin an Irish mechanic now living in France and after taking part in a big race Sean falls afoul of the German army. As the story pans out you take the role of Sean as he fights...

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Lords of the Row2: Return of the Bling 0

  As the joker once said why so serious? A theme that saints row developer sticks too for their return to the hallowed ground of Stillwater. This game is similar in style to the Grand Theft Auto series but rather than go with the gritty portrayal of life on the wrong side of the tracks Saints Row throws caution to the wind and gives you some of the most outrageous moments and over the top characters ever met in a video game. The game takes place 10 years after the original, starting wi...

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with Bad Company you're in good company 0

 Like a motor car powered by rockets Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is bigger, better, faster and more explosive than its previous incarnation. The battlefield series has always been known for its online multiplayer and with the bad company series Swedish developer Dice brought a single player campaign into the mix with some success. Bad Company is was very much a Black comedy and bad Company 2 is no different, while the core of the story is of war and strife the mood is lightened by the won...

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Big Badaboom 0

 ust Cause is a game that was named incorrectly and its sequel is no different, a more appropriate title would have been "Just Because" the game offers you a sense of freedom that is on a par with that usually reserved for eagles and rocket powered elephants and in many parts of the game you will find yourself doing things just because you can like attempting to jump from a helicopter to another helicopter flying below you or tethering a guard to a turbine to see if he will spin. Just cau...

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Not quite the Dark Void i thought it was 0

 When I was younger my parents brought me too watch The Rocketman at the local cinema and from that day on it has been my dream to take to the skies free as a bird unencumbered by such trappings as wings or a cockpit, I can only imagine then that somebody at Airtight Games has had the same dream because their first foray into video games gives us just that. Dark void tells the tale of Will, a cargo pilot who is tasked with transporting some goods across the Bermuda triangle and subsequent...

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Driving Miss Mobster 0

 The sequel to 2002's successful mafia simulator is finally here fans of the franchise it's an chance to see what 2K Czech have been working on since we rampage around lost heaven. Mafia 2 revolves around Vito Scaletta, an Italian immigrant who moves to the United States with his family to escape the poverty of pre-war Italy, as Vito gets older he becomes involved in nefarious activities and eventually finds himself being drafted. Returning from the war and forced through circumstance to ...

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