My go at blogging.

My name is Abdul and I plan to be involved in the gaming industry one way or another. Please excuse my grammar error because English is my third language. I am 25 years old boy who is on the verge of becoming a man in the near future. You might be asking yourself why should you care to read my blog and the only thing i can say is--read before you judge. I love to play video games because they help me get through my mundane day to day life and I am lucky to be alive. The earliest I can remember when I started playing video games was 3rd grade computer class in Pakistan. I wasn't born in America, I have only been here about 10 years. I moved from country to country until I was 13 years old when my family finally decided to stay put in America. I was born in Somalia, and had lived there until I was 5 years old. But this blog is not about my past, but my present and future.