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Video Game Victories!

Since I'm on a quest to complete a ton of games, I figured I should track which ones I've finished. It'll keep me motivated or something, right?

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  • Completed: 01/31/2011.

    Not my favorite GTA, but it's got a ton of cool features, an interesting story, and characters I kinda got attached to. It's just a shame that the controls are so janky.

  • Completed: 02/06/2011.

    I really can't recommend this game enough. Everything about it is fantastic. It just does an amazing job of making you feel like Batman. It's amazing that they were able to pin down the style, action, detective aspects, etc. of Batman and just make it a ton of fun. The Metroid/Zelda mechanics (backtracking and item collection) are genius and do an excellent job of progressing you through the game. Go play it! Now!

  • Completed: 02/28/2011.

    While the gameplay wasn't terrible, it just wasn't really my cup of tea. The story however, was absolutely amazing. Once I got to the last 2 chapters, I could not put it down! The sound design and music was mindblowing. I feel like I HAVE to go read about the story on the Intarwebz.

  • Completed: 04/23/2011.

    Yup, still awesome. Even on Insanity. Played as a Sentinel. Once I got around the halfway point, it got slightly easier and I had a ton of fun with it. That makes 3 plays! More than any other game I've ever done, and I've never beaten anything on the highest difficulty.

  • Completed: 04/30/2011.

    Still need to put a bow on that cooperative campaign, but the single player was amazing! The writing is so witty and the pacing is fantastic. Also impressive how smooth the difficulty ramp is. One of the best ending sequences in any videogame I can think of. I just wish there were more calls to the Half-Life universe...

  • Completed: 05/22/2011.

    Great game! Tons of variety, fun, lengthy story, cool stuff to collect. Just a great package overall. Plus, it had a bizarre turn of events at the end, making me super curious about the future of the series. I'll probably play something else for a bit, but Brotherhood will definitely be played.

  • Completed: 06/01/2011.

    Know how everyone keeps calling this an "interactive movie"? Yeah, that's actually pretty accurate. But it's a damn fine movie. Other than the oddly long homicide desk, I loved the pacing and feel of the game. Like any good crime thriller, the last several hours dig some deep hooks into you and you won't want to stop til the case is cracked.

  • Completed: 06/12/2011.

    A little too much of a standard shooter for me, but had some great ideas in there. I loved the semi-open world, navigating the subway, and a lot of the first person storytelling. Glad I played it, but I probably wouldn't recommend it to everyone. The controls were a little on the janky side and the WWI bits weren't so great.

  • Completed: 06/26/2011.

    Started off a bit slow, but turned out really great by the end. I was starting to get very curious how they'd explain and tie up all the different loose ends, and they did a great job. Even had that classic touching feel-good moment at the end. Fun to hear MJF as a cameo. I'd love to see what they do in future seasons, ESPECIALLY after that crazy-ass ending!

  • Completed: 07/14/2011.

    Pretty fun little game. It's basically the PC version of Professor Layton, which is what intrigued me in the first place. The graphics, voice acting, story, characters are all top notch. I loved the feel of the game. Unfortunately, the puzzles are extremely hit-or-miss. Hits: visual and logic puzzles. Misses: Math and word problems. This may just be personal preference, but I thought Layton's puzzles were less erratic in their difficulty. For $5 though, this is still an easy recommendation.

  • Completed: 08/05/2011.

    Haha, I didn't expect this... Certainly wasn't planning on ever really "beating" this game! I finished all the puzzles fairly recently, then realized how close I was to 100%, so I just went for it! God, I love this game.

  • Completed: 03/13/2012.

    Despite the internet rage surrounding this game, I loved nearly every minute. The action has been refined to near perfection, they had fun with the action/story setpieces (which led to some amazing visuals), and they had at least a little interaction with every character you could imagine (some I didn't even remember). Is it the best game of the series? No. Definitely could've used a UI tweak or two, and a bigger squad roster. But it is a solid addition and made me continue to love everything related to Mass Effect. Also, this is the first game in ages where I put some serious time into multiplayer. So surprisingly fun! Co-op, biotics, teamwork, difficult, character building, loot. It has everything.

  • Completed: 05/08/2012.

    Definitely enjoyed this game, but not quite as amazing as AC2 was. The story was interesting, but I just never felt quite as connected to it or the game as a whole as I did with 2. Also seemed like the annoying bits got to me a lot easier. There were a couple missions that just frustrated the hell out of me. That all said, I LOVED building the assassin guild. That was a super fun bonus and gave a lot of extra content. I also really enjoyed Rome as the main city.

  • Completed: 05/25/2012.

    Diablo III was exactly what I didn't know I wanted from a sequel to Diablo II. They changed just enough systems and mechanics to make the game feel new and fun, while keeping a lot of that old Diablo charm. I loved the streamlining of the leveling up and skill selection. It's just a lot smarter about keeping you in the fight and progressing through the game. However, I feel like that streamlining may impact its replayability. I came back to DII for years, but I really don't see that happening here. Still, very polished, VERY addictive, and probably the tightest combat of any action RPG.

  • Completed: 08/05/2012.

    My comments for the first game perfectly match up with my thoughts on this sequel. I love the art, voice acting, humor, and setting. The puzzles, while solid overall, can bee kinda hit-or-miss. Definitely at least a little more consistent this time around though. The story also picked up exactly where 1 ended, which I thought was interesting, but I would've liked to explore and solve puzzles in a new town. I'd love to see more of these in the future.

  • Completed: 08/10/2012.

    As much as I've always loved the art and humor of Sam & Max, I never did finish the original. That game seems to have aged pretty well in terms of humor and style. It's a very typical Lucasarts adventure game in most aspects; difficult puzzles, goofy humor, great art, etc. Pretty great overall, but I think I would've appreciated it a lot more as a kid.

  • Completed: 08/14/2012.

    Can one ever TRULY finish Skyrim? Probably not, but I sure as hell spent a TON of time playing it! My first time with it didn't really grab me, but this time it certainly did. Great, great game. Gorgeous graphics, fun combat, millions of places to explore, etc. I finished the main quest, the civil war, the magic school, the Companions, the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieve's Guild, and dozens of other random quests. Can't wait to see this engine put to use on the next Fallout...

  • Completed: 09/09/2012.

    This is another game that doesn't really have a hard ending point, but I feel comfortable saying that I beat this game. Surprisingly addictive little puzzle/rhythm game. Not at all like Rock Band, but there are enough touches/references to it that it definitely still feels like the same franchise. Probably wouldn't recommend without a hefty collection of downloaded songs, but fantastic for fighting for scores with friends.

  • Completed: 10/04/2012.

    Considering my recent delve back into comics, this was almost exactly what I was looking for. Very fan service-y and a lot of fun. Does an awesome job of making you feel like the bad ass that Wolverine is. It could have been trimmed for length in a few spots and the boss fights tended to drag out a bit, but overall, it seemed way better than the average movie tie-in.

  • Completed: 10/26/2012.

    As a big fan of the first game, I finally decided to pick up the first sequel. I was not disappointed. Several characters from the first make appearances but there are plenty of new, great ones. The music and writing is as charming as ever. There was really only one case I wasn't a huge fan of (the circus one), but the final case MORE than made up for it. The tension combined with the interaction between Wright and Edgeworth in the final case practically sells the entire game. May have to look into the third game now that I'm reminded what a great series this is...

  • Completed: 11/15/2012.

    I believe this officially marks the first strategy game I've ever completed without cheating. I think that alone says something. This game was phenomenal. The combat forces you to really think about what you're doing or pay the price, and the base-building and research makes you feel like you need to carefully weigh your options. It's perfectly brutal, but if you play well, you feel like a strategic genius. The thin layer of plot laid over the game is also just enough to give context to the proceedings, which is better than most strategy games.

  • Completed: 11/21/2012.

    Tremendous. Among the best that I've played this year. I'm a sucker for a good story and characters, and this had both in spades. Episode 1 was a bit slow, but past that, every episode was pretty incredible. The controls could be a little awkward at spots (any shooting/action sequence), but it mostly plays totally fine. I've definitely never felt so deeply for a character, too (in probably any medium). The relationship between you (Lee) and Clementine is profound. It's heartbreaking how much you just want to protect her. The ending was incredibly sad, but beautifully written. I really cannot wait for the inevitable sequel. Telltale totally nailed this.

  • Completed: 11/24/2012.

    Scribblenauts Unlimited was a breath of fresh air, especially after just completing The Walking Dead. It's fun, light-hearted, clever, and relaxing. The levels are fairly simple/short, but the variety is what sells it and the puzzles are super creative. I've always wanted to get my hands on one of the Scribblenauts games so I'm glad it finally made it's way to the PC. Being able to use a keyboard seems like it's a huge time saver.

  • Completed: 12/09/2012.

    I'm not entirely sure why I didn't finish this game my first time through, but I'm incredibly glad I went back and beat it. I've always been a advocate for the "Metroidvania" style of games (feeds that OCD side of me), and Dust is a prime example. The world, art, and animation is all gorgeous and fluid. And while the combat is a tad on the basic side, everything else is so well polished that it's hard to knock it too much. Despite its furry cast and cute art style, the story has a good amount of depth and can get a bit grim. Easily in my top 10 for 2012.

  • Completed: 12/23/2012.

    The first half of Renegade Ops is fantastic. It's super obvious that it's done by the dudes that brought you Just Cause; gorgeous graphics, huge explosions, hilariously pulpy plot, and tons of shooting. However, it doesn't seem able to maintain the fun factor for the length of the whole game. Half the fun of it is driving around the huge, open environments and laying waste, but by the end, you're relegated to corridors without enough room to maneuver around the imposing bosses. Overall, I liked it quite a bit, but was definitely letdown by the endgame.

  • Completed: 04/02/2013.

    Back when I first saw footage and trailers for Infinite, I thought very little of it. It takes a lot from a FPS to impress me, but Infinite had my jaw on the floor by the time credits rolled. The art direction, lighting, world, culture, background, EVERYTHING surrounding the actual gameplay is practically flawless. I haven't been this wrapped up in a fake world in a long time. The combat itself is fine; pretty standard FPS fare with some neat Bioshock powers thrown in. One bonus: they don't force any horrible boss fights, which tend to plague games of this nature. Along with the art direction though, another standout is the story. It's well-crafted and leaves interesting hints for multiple playthroughs. The conclusion of the game had MULTIPLE mind-blowing revelations and gave me a ton to think about. Absolutely fantastic.

  • Completed: 04/11/2013.

    Evoland was an interesting little weekend diversion. In the early hours of the game, it seems to have vast potential, but ultimately squanders most of it. The early upgrades come quickly and are a lot of fun to witness (especially going from 8-bit to 16 and 32-bit versions of the world), but as soon as the fun new gimmicks subside, it becomes obvious that they're just that: gimmicks. Many of the controls and overall gameplay just seems sloppy, with combat sections becoming infuriating. It's not a bad game per se, and it is fun for the nostalgic moments, but not something I'd recommend to everyone. If you have a soft spot for games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest though, it may make for entertaining lazy Sunday.

  • Completed: 04/17/2013.

    I believe the last time I put down money for a fighting game was Street Fighter II: Championship Edition for the Sega Genesis. Needless to say, I'm not exactly the world's biggest fighting fan. However, my love for comics was enough to make me check out Injustice (along with the stellar companion comic). I was pleasantly surprised. The gameplay is tight and each character has a very unique feel. But the story mode is where the game really shines. The cutscenes are a ton of fun to watch and it does a great job of letting you sample most of the different fighters (maybe a little heavy on the Batman use though). I likely won't play much more of it, but I think it was worth the investment and it made for a great re-introduction to fighters. NetherRealm has my attention and it just may be enough to get me to check out future fighting games from them.

  • Completed: 04/28/2013.

    Hoo boy! Glad this game has an actual end to it, or I likely wouldn't have ever put it down. It has fun, easy to learn puzzle gameplay combined with RPG style loot and leveling. It's the best recipe for addiction since Puzzle Quest. While the style of tile sliding took some getting used to, once you find your sweet spot it's easy to rack up combos and plow through enemies. It's one of those classic cases of "Just one more turn!" (or dungeon run in this case). However, once you have all the upgrades and escape your prison, there's little left to bring you back for more. The gameplay is good, but the addiction is lost once you're no longer striving for something. Side note: if you can, play this on a mobile device. Using your finger is a far more satisfying experience than using a mouse.

  • Completed: 06/14/2013.

    I totally decided to pick up Tomb Raider on a whim. I'd heard a lot of good things about it, but never got around to it. Glad I finally did. Tomb Raider is a really solid action/adventure romp, and since I don't own a PS3, this is probably the closest I'll get to Uncharted. The production value throughout the game is extremely high, with great detail given to every aspect. There's just the right amount of hokey magic stuff and they introduce it slowly so they're able to keep up the realistic atmosphere. One or two areas become a little annoying to navigate, but the weapon upgrade system, story, and collectibles kept me hooked. Very solid title that I'd confidently recommend to almost anyone.

  • Completed: 08/14/2013.

    Everything about Brothers just screams "classical fairy tale." The story, art, and music work together seamlessly to create a fantastic world, where two brothers go on a journey to find medicine for their dying father. The game may not be terribly long, but as you travel from your small village to places like a post-war battlefield for giants, you can't help but feel almost overwhelmed by the scope of your adventure. Although there is no spoken dialogue, the control scheme actually does a surprisingly good job of making you feel attached to the characters, as both are handled at the same time with each brother assigned to a joystick. I'm kinda a sucker for stories about the bond of brotherhood, and this game definitely struck that chord.

  • Completed: 08/15/2013.

    You arrive home around midnight after spending a year abroad in Europe, only to discover the family house completely empty with a mysterious note on the front door from your little sister. This is the setup for Gone Home, a brilliant little indie game that pulled at my heart strings more than I'd like to admit. The premise is simple: explore the house and figure out what happened while you've been away; but the execution is gorgeous and subtle. There is clutter everywhere, making the house feel lived in. Upon finding certain items, you're treated to a voiced diary entry from your sister, revealing more information. I really want to type more, but this is one to experience personally. Exploring this house was simultaneously fun, sad, sweet, touching, up-lifting, creepy, and tear-jerking. Check it out.

  • Completed: 09/15/2013.

    Bastion is a solid little action game. The controls and mechanics are as tight as you could possibly hope for. Rolling, dodging attacks, dishing out some melee damage, and then backing up for some gun-powered action is super seamless, and adheres to the classic idea of "easy to learn; difficult to master." The story may not have grabbed me immediately, but about halfway through, I started finding it harder to put down. Maybe didn't quite live up to the hype I heard about it, but definitely a fun package.

  • Completed: 09/30/2013.

    Star Command was a massive disappointment. From all the descriptions, I went into this game expecting FTL on my tablet. Upon playing it, I learned it was just a basic one-on-one spaceship battle thing. Yes, it may have sported a decent sense of humor and fun art style... But even on Normal, the difficulty is super annoying; far too many invaders and super slow weapon recharge. On Easy, the game is far more enjoyable, but still repetitive and ultimately, pretty boring. They promise future updates, but as it is? It's extremely disappointing and I wouldn't recommend to almost anyone.

  • Completed: 10/19/2013.

  • Completed: 11/04/2013.

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