It's Make or Brake! or Don't You Dare forget The Definition Field

So it come to this, either I make the Entrance exam to College of Electrical Engineering, or don't and walk for the rest of my life (or next year) thinking of what might have been.I need 20 points out of 40 (or 50% if your like percentages) to be eligible .The exam is only math, with focus on: 


This should be pretty straightforward.If you can't do algebra you might as well forget this college.Quadratic equations are  in the main focus here, as well as the different properties of those equations, such as the sign of the solutions of the equations, and algebra identities. Irrational equations, exponential equations, logarithm equations are also on the agenda, and don't make me start on the module equations mixed with these.Oh yeah ,inequality functions are also very popular on the entrance exam.


Oh boy.The big unknown for most people.The First and Second Addition Theorem,Formulas of half angles,double angles and trigonometric equations as well as inequality.

Analytical Geometry

Little more straightforward the "triggy" as I like to call it.Triangles,squares and other shapes are the name of the game.Their surface area and length are also usually what is required. 

Complex Numbers

They seem hard but they are the easiest of them all.Just remember what the real part is and what the imaginary is.The module of a complex number, Trigonometric form and Euler Form are a must to know.

 Hopefully I'll make it and have the rest of the summer to play games and not eating myself.