My computer = My game storage device

As I installed GTA last night,a thought came to my head: How many games do I have installed,and..why??

So here is the list :
- GTA IV (You know why)
- GTA Vice City (Tommy is my rage release)
- GTA San Andreas (I just drive now in it and listen to my radio)
- PES 2009 (Master League)
- FIFA 09 (For IP games)
- WoW (I know,bad habit)
- Warcraft III (I really don't know)
- HoMM V (IP as well)
- NBA 2K9 (I play it...sometimes)
- CoD : WaW (Multiplayer)
- CoD : MW (same here)
- Freedom Fighters (WTF)
- NFS : Undercover (Holy Sh*t!!What was I thinking!?)

What do you have installed?