The Spoils of Victory or Riddle Me This, Agent Tethers

After passing my entrance exam, I decided that it would be best if I lay down on the math, and focus on some games.FIFA Online has been my primary occupation during that period, and I can say that I'm doing pretty good. 
League Rating: 2331st  with 21,338 points (Chelsea FC) 
Multiplayer Ranking: 1272nd with 1,564 points (Chelsea FC) 
World Cup Ranking: 9585th with 35 points (Cote d' Ivore) 
The rest of my spare time I've wasted on Puzzle Agent , and I enjoyed it.The game is good, but still rough around the edges (and I'm not talking about the character outlines).Sometimes I play some Mass Effect just for the heck of it, or some GTA IV. 
I leave you with a message from Andrei Arshavin:

      Better do what he says O_O
      Better do what he says O_O