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  • Batman,Batman,Batman...The last few years were great for The Dark Knight.Two movies that finally (after the first Batman) gave The Caped Crusader the recognition he deserves,comes a game by Rockstady that is just triple-A material.

    Metriod concept, Batman style and just the right pacing with an spot on voice acting job by Mark Hamill and stellar soundtrack with great graphics make Batman: Arkham Asylum the game to beat in 2009.

  • A great,but short adrenaline filled single-player experience toped off by a solid multiplayer that builds on it's predecessors.Infinity Ward surely lived up to the hype.A jaw-dropping singleplayer campaign,Spec Ops,and the best multiplayer you can get.

    FPS fans rejoice.

  • Smaller games usually mean smaller quality...but not with Trine.The game brings gravity puzzle platformers to a whole new level of finesse and style.A must play for anyone who has played Mario or Prince of Persia, and thought how those two would look like together.

  • Being a Mario fan, anything I would say would be biased for this game,but we all know it is Mario,and Mario is still awesome.Lets just hope it stays that way.

  • Hype is nothing new in the gaming business, and the tale of Dragon Age proves that.Already called "The true sequel to Baldurs Gate" by Bioware themselves meant that nothing is allowed to go wrong with this game.And indeed,they were right.The only thing that could drive off the main gaming community is its playthrough length of 60 hours,but for RPG fans that shouldn't be a problem.

  • While the first AC was all fine and dandy,it lacked the meat behind the bare boned concept of killing people with hidden blades and jumping into haystacks.So Ubisoft heard the cries of gamers and delivered withe sequel.Enzio is a real character,and the backdrop of realistic Italy with Leonardo Da Vinci is really something.Nice job,Ubisoft.

  • Usually a new IP means hit or miss.But luckily for the folks at Gearbox (and for us) Borderlands delivered stellar gameplay mix of RPG and FPS.It isn't Fallout 3,and it isn't trying to be,even with the similar backdrop,with different style.The only major draw-back is the lack of any real story.By putting Borderlands on a lower position can only make the achievement of the other games that bigger.

  • The Russians love their TBRPG-s,don't they?This eastern gem called King's Bounty : Armored Princess is a sequel to last years Legend,which also helped revive this genre that hasn't seen a good game since Heroes of Might and Magic.The sound is somewhat generic,and the exclusion of any voice acting show the games budget,but the gameplay is solid and addicting.A must buy for fans of the original.

  • A sports game onto my list.How predictable.But to be fair,NBA 2K10 only makes it on because the fact that for some moments I'm feeling like watching a real game.The layup issue is still there,and is still frustrating.But the moment when you hit that three in overtime makes up for it.