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Great Scot! 0

When you look back at the movies from the 80's,not a lot of them tend to stand out like the Back to The Future series.The great (with total disregard for laws of physics) storyline,the fine attention to detail, the memorable characters are still in many peoples eyes favourite off all time.Now with Tellatale Games on the job to expand on this universe with Marty, Doc and Einstein, can they deliver the goods?   StoryThe good thing is that the  Bob Gale and Christopher Llyod are back in their roles...

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Beyond Average 0

The penultimate installment in this season of Sam & Max is a wacky adventure from start to finish, and makes for great cliffhanger for the last episode in this season.  Story We left our heroes in the clutches of  Sam clones/or zombies(?)  as they escaped the clutches of a reality made up by Pharaoh Sammunmak.Now,with the future of the world rest in the hands of a canine detective and rabbit-like psychic thing (oh boy!).Prepare for all kinds weird, with Old Gods, Lovecraft, Dolls, Cockroach ...

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A Puzzle Not Yet Fully Solved 0

As with all rookies, they can be rough at some spots or lacking the finesse of a seasoned pro. Nelson Tethers : Puzzle Agent is not a bad game by any means, it just needs more time in the works.  Story The folks at Telltale decide to leave the busy streets of New York in Sam & Max, for a more serene, quiet location of Scoggis, Minnesota.Our hero is the head of the F.B.I. Puzzle Research Division, agent Nelson Tethers, who must go on a mission of national interest: reopening the eraser factor...

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Not for the Brainless 0

Usually when a game ends on a great cliffhanger, the sequel falls flat of expectations.Telltale managed once in this season already to make me hyped up for the next installment with the cliffhanger in Episode 1:The Penal Zone, but the one in Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak made for one interesting concept.The promise of Sam acting out of character and Max, well out of body kept me waiting for this months (June) release.But was it worth it? Lets have a look.  Story Picking right after Sam went ...

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Walk Like a Egyptian 0

Having played the previous episode in this season of Sam & Max, The Penal Zone, I was both hopeful but skeptical as well.The question was how good can Telltale replicate the unique "Time Warping" from the first episode, and that it still stays fresh.Thankfully for us, the fans, they went a different route.  The story picks up immediately after the first episode, with Sam & Max finding a pair of skeletons that look very similar to theirs.Sam quickly concludes it can't be theirs, and soon ...

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This Tourch Needs More Oil 0

For years have the horde of fans of the  hack-and-slash genre begged, and demanded a sequel to Diablo 2.While the sequel is in the works, you might want to check out this homage to the popular series.  Story Tourchlight focuses heavily on the gameplay, and that shows in the waterwash storyline.This makes the experience only dependable of your hunger for killing of endless hordes  of enemies.That doesn't  kill the enjoyment, but a some sort of main quest, besides the straight-forward one already ...

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No pee in The Penal Zone 0

Having played the last two seasons of Sam & Max, I was certain that I knew what to expect from the first episode of season three: Sam & Max : The Devil's Playhouse.But, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that not only did the graphics improve,but also some annoying quirks from past installments were fixed.Some bugs still remain,but we will get to that.  Story Yup,they are back.Sam & Max against a giant space gorilla by the name of Skunk-a'pe.The only twist in that Max has psychic ...

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The Lazy man's guide to having a seizure 0

Usually when a game comes with only one or two men behind it's development, you can expect a solid idea, but not fully nor fluently executed.Issues like annoying bugs or bad controls tend to happen more often in games from the independent scene.So when purchasing a game like Beat Hazard, your must be aware that that involves a certain risk investment.  Gameplay The game is a twin-stick shooter (even though you can use a keyboard and mouse combo if you prefer it) in a space setting.What makes thi...

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For you Master! 0

You know,there are only a few game in the season calandar that actually have some form of refreshing take on a known subject, and Overlord II is one of them.Sure, the first one did the same thing, and it was fairly entertaining.But what about Overlord II?Is the sequel worth a try?StoryThe story of this Overlord is just after Overlord : Minions, and you play as the son of the former Overlord.Your first mission, as a witch-boy, as you are called, is to save yourself and the people of Nordberg from...

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Stright OG 0

Ever since 2001,when GTA III came out,the whole TPS franchise was changed.Never before was the sandbox element better implemented in a game then in GTA III.And after Vice City,the bar was raised even higher.The question was : "Can San Andreas raise to the expectations?".The answer: "Fo sho!",as CJ would say.The story is set in 1992 this time,and for the first time,the story was set not in one city,but in three : Los Santos - L.A. ; San Fierro - San Francisco  and Las Venturas - Las Vegas, as wel...

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