Some new info on the upcoming MK DLC

Playstation Life Style is currently reporting that some videos featuring new MK DLC characters and costumes have been leaked. They are not confirming as of this moment whether the videos (which have been embedded here) are real or not, but after looking at them myself I'm hard pressed to find anything about them that stands out as being fake. Up until now all that was known was that Skarlett and Kenshi were the first planned DLC characters for MK with more on the way soon. However, if these videos are to be believed we can probably expect the god of wind, Fujin to be joining them. The video for Fujin shows only a generic character model titled "DLC Basemale", but the announcer's voice at the character select screen distinctly says Fujin.   

In addition to this development, PSLS is also reporting that classic costumes for Cyrax and Sektor from Mortal Kombat 3 will also be available in the future as DLC. Whether these costumes are real or whether they will come with MK3 fatalities for those characters is also open to speculation.

The article also reports on some hearsay regarding how hackers have already unlocked Kenshi and Skarlett from the disc, but that their move lists are not filled in. It's not a surprise to anyone that the DLC is probably on the disc, but if these characters have been unlocked by people toying around with the files on the discs then it stands to reason that they will probably be filled out when the DLC is purchased. There are other rumors mentioned in the article concerning the presence of Goro, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn on the disc as playable characters with complete move lists and fatalities. From personal experience I can say that I have seen Kahn's fatality on the arcade ladder. However, at this time there is no evidence to indicate that any of these three will be offered as DLC but being able to play as bosses in a Mortal Kombat game isn't without precedent.

Again some of this is rumor, while other bits could perhaps be true given the video evidence. Personally I hope the bosses aren't playable, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

*UPDATE* So it seems that a recent tweet from Ed Boon may also hint at the possibility for Rain and Reiko to be added in as DLC in the not too distant future.

RT @PrinceOJanet @noobde Fuck you and the rest of NRS. No Rain or Reiko,over it. Noobde: Do you know what DLC is?

 While this could just be Ed Boon retweeting yet another person's frustrations over his creation the fact that he does not deny that Rain and Reiko could be released for the game outright seems pretty telling. Especially since he would just say it isn't coming out as DLC in the tweet as he has done in the past with question regarding the possible inclusion of a Puzzle Kombat mode. Of course here are the obligatory links to Rain and Reiko.