Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

I didn't actually play very many games this year that I would consider GoTY quality but I do have a few games on it.

List items

  • This was a game I had no interest in playing at all until I realized that it actually looked amazing. The story was a bit lacking but I think that was because I spent at least 15 hours creating storylines for all the Orc Warlords I was either killing or sending up the ranks.

  • This was the first JRPG I played in a long time and I think it was because it introduced the option of getting rid of random battles entirely if you wanted to. The option to grind is still there if you wanted, but I think I only ever wanted to grind to level up my jobs, never my actual base character level.

    The Streetpass system was very well implemented, as well, and really gave you a hand when you were on your last legs during a particularly tough boss fight.

    The ending has its fair share of problems that I think could have been handled a bit better but for the most part I genuinely enjoyed playing this.

  • Technically released in 2014 on the PC, this game is amazing. The PC port is fantastic and I've only seen an FPS hit on the cutscenes which I believe could not be upscaled since they were pre-rendered. The game is challenging, but not impossible, and the grading system gives players a nice goal to shoot for.

  • It's just mindless fun.

  • Dark Souls 2 was a great sequel to a fantastic game. It has a lot of problems when compared to the other games in the Souls series (such as gameplay differences, difficulty adjustments, additional enemies in boss fights instead of tougher boss fights, boss variety, and more) but on its own it is an amazing game.