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Seriously. I just finished this saga yesterday, and OMG, so freaking good! It's Cosmic Marvel at it's absolute best. I'd put it up there on the list alongside The Infinity Gauntlet and The Dark Phoenix Saga, it was that good, IMO. And classic Jim Starlin artwork.

It was very thought-provoking and entertaining. In addition to introduction The Magus, it also introduces Gamora and Pip The Troll, and gives some insight into what exactly Adam Warlock's Soul Gem is. Plus the appearance of a surprise villain. But the main-event here, is definetly Adam Warlock vs. The Magus. I can't explain it, really, without giving away the story, which is half the magic of reading it: Figuring out the pieces as you go along.

If you're a fan of cosmic stories and super-hero comics in general, I highly recommend picking these issues up. And you better do it while you can. I have a feeling that some of these issues are gonna start rising in value (just go see Avengers to see what I'm talking about, and stay for the end).

It runs in Strange Tales (vol. 1) #178-181, and Warlock (vol. 1) #9-11.


Cave Story is a Fanastic Classic Gaming Experience!

Cave Story for Wii Ware

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An absolute masterpiece! Fantastic gaming experience that I thought had gone the way of cartridges and wired-controllers. It looked 8-bit, it played like a 2D Metroid game (gameplay that was very reminiscent of Super Metroid), and had a sometimes quirky story. If you like Metroidvania games, then you'll ABSOLUTELY ADORE this game. I can't recommend it enough. Download it and play it!

My only complaints are that it's far too short, I want more! And there was no exploration percentage of completion at the end, like there is on Metroid games. I'd like to know how well I did. I ended with 30 missiles and 45 life energy.

Are there any sequels/prequels?


Anyone Use RFGeneration.com to Catalog Their Collection?

Anyone Use RFGeneration.com to Catalog Their Collection?

It's a great site for game collection cataloging. You will find nothing the site doesn't have listed. And it accounts for variant releases and different region releases. It keeps stats on your collection/wishlist as well. Great tools for the collector, and it's all free!

Here's my profile:

My RF Generation Profile

You have to click "View Collection" at the top of the page underneath "BurningDoom's Profile" to see a complete listing of my games.

To see my full stats, click "View Complete Stats" under the bar graphs.

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Thunder Force II for Sega Genesis Rocks!

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So I just got this game in the mail today, and I went to test it and dang! What a fan-freaking-tastic game! I was pleasantly surprised. The only Thunder Force game I had played previous was a demo of Thunder Force V on PS1 (which was fun as hell, and HIGH on my wantlist). I was expecting the same side-scrolling shoot-em up formula (albeit with some twists here and there) that Thunder Force V had. Instead I find a free-roaming shoot-em up. What an awesome concept! Why don't other games use this formula? The soundtrack sounds nice, at least so far it does. It doesn't sound "tingy" or use the same sounds as a lot of the Genesis games do. And it's dirt cheap to boot!

I can tell this gonna be one of my favorites. I only played it for a few minutes, but I'm sure I'll have a blast when I actually set aside some time for some real gaming time.

My only question about it is: What's with those stupid walls? How do you get past them? The only thing I could figure was to just run through it and sacrifice a ship in the process, but I know that can't be right. What am I supposed to do to get past them?


I Just Completed My Neo Geo Pocket Color Collection!

It's not much, but it's every game I want for the system, and their all mine now! I just purchased a large chunk of games, completing my collection. My first wantlist completed for an entire system that wasn't a dedicated console:

  1. Bust-A-Move Pocket
  2. Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999
  3. Fatal Fury: First Contact
  4. King of Fighters: R-2
  5. Metal Slug: 1st Mission
  6. Metal Slug: 2nd Mission
  7. Pac-Man
  8. Samurai Shodown! 2: Pocket Fighting Series
  9. SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium
  10. Sonic Pocket Adventure

For those of you wondering: I don't have Samurai Shodown 1 or King of Fighters: R-1 because they're far too expensive, and I'm not THAT big of a fighting game fan. So I have no interest in them.


I Need Neo Geo Pocket Color Game Recommendations

I just got a Neo Geo Pocket Color, and I need some game recommendations.

What I got with it:

  • Bust-A-Move Pocket
  • Fatal Fury: First Contact
  • King of Fighter: R-2
  • SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium

What I plan to get:

  • Dark Arms
  • Metal Slug 1st Mission
  • Metal Slug 2nd Mission
  • Samurai Shodown 2
  • Sonic Pocket Adventure

Anything else essential that I need for it that I missed? And I don't like card battle games, so please don't recommend those.


Recent Additions to My Retro-Game Collection

  • Neo Geo Pocket Color Handheld (I'm trading for this and the NGPC games for some of my back issue comics)
  • Bust-A-Move Pocket
  • Fatal Fury: 1st Contact
  • King of Fighters R-2
  • SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium
  • Dungeons & Dragons Anthology: Master Collection (collects Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 and all their expansions, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, Planescape: Torment, & Temple of Elemental Evil)
  • Contra: Shattered Soldier (PS2)
  • Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy (Original))
  • G-Darius (PS1)
  • Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 and all their Expansions (Atari had a sale!)
  • Road Rash (Saturn)
  • Shenmue (Dreamcast)
  • Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
  • Spyro The Dragon (PS1)

Hi Everyone

What's up everyone? New to the site. I just started a profile earlier today. I learned about the site through Darkadia.com.

I'm a lifelong gamer in my late 20s. I grew up on the NES, Genesis, SNES, and PS1. And though I have XBox 360, Wii, and DS, I'm a lot more of a retro-gamer than I am a modern gamer. I'm also a game collector. I own a number of systems and games and I'm always on the hunt for more. I tend to prefer action-RPGs/Western-RPGs, 2D platformers, shoot-em ups, run-n-gun games, and beat-em ups, with a sprinkle of first-person shooters (mostly pre-Halo, Halo included).

Outside of my gaming: I'm happily married and Christian. I was born and raised in Northern California and still here. I'm a metal-head, a big comic book fan, and I'm into sci-fi and horror movies.