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Lego Star Wars by Alli @ Bizzle Bros 0

If I were to make a list of great things in this world…other than the obvious…Perez Hilton, milk chocolate, and Cody from Step by Step…Star Wars, legos, and video games would definitely be included on that list. Each one of those three things by themselves are amazing…but somewhere in this crazy world of ours some genius of a man said one day, “you know what would be the number 1 most uber awesomist thing in the entire history of the world to do?” To which his less inspired friend said “cure can...

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Viva Pinata Review by Alli 0

Viva Piñata from Rare Ltd. is by far the most adorable game ever created in video game history. I know you might be thinking, what about Spyro, Elebits, or even Nintendogs? Believe me, they don’t even come close. I admit the little creatures from Pikmin are quite cute, but the animals in Viva Piñata are so adorable that even the most hardened criminal who registers as a level 22 on Dr. Stones Scale of Evil wouldn’t disagree.The gameplay can be compared to that of the Sims in the sense that you a...

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GTA 4 Review (the story) 0

Every three to five years a video game comes out that just totally wins everyone over.  Games that are universal in their appeal to everybody and if It not, is so perfect in its niche that it wins over those who don’t even like that style of game.  Grand Theft Auto IV takes the gameplay of the legendary third installment (that was so famously released on the PlayStation 2) and makes leaps and bounds graphically and in terms of gameplay depth. But what really touches the user and creates this ama...

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Lost Via Domus - Bizzle Bros 1

Sometimes you think games are going to just own the world and be sweet. This is clearly not the case with Lost – Via Domus. It is extremely boring and most of the time you’re just walking through the jungle and caves. If you talk the main characters on the beach, they will tell you to buy as many bullets as you can…ok…I literally fired 5 shots throughout the entire game (which was extremely short). This is not one of UBIsofts greatest triumphs.This is the first game (and hopefully the last) of t...

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