Can't blow off some Steam™!

But damn if I'm not going to try.

   Steam has always been problematic for me. I started using it some time after it came out in... what was it? 2003? Time flies. Anyway, I was talking about it with Forcen a couple of hours ago and we had a small argument about my, for him, unexplainable hate towards the platform. And as I thought about it, I couldn't put it into words. Let's go back to flesh out the story a bit.
   Some time ago my World of Warcraft account (and email) was hacked by some damn Chinese bastard, which meant that many of the sites I had accounts on were forfeit for me. Two things happened at the instant I realized this: a hate grew towards Chinese people (I can no longer abide them) and I had to start using my backup World of Warcraft account which was in hibernation. But, yeah, we were talking about Steam. So when I lost my Steam account I had no thought of retrieving it via the Steam Support at all, because my previous battles with Steam over lost games (I'm talking old, old Half-Life now) had been unrewarding.
   So came the day when Monkey Island became a chapterized franchise and I had to have it. But for some reason (World of Warcraft) I waited until the whole pack with all five chapters was made into one big package. Bought! But that meant that I had to have a Steam account. If the great lords of Valhalla gave us more Monkey Island I couldn't be worse by denying Steam another chance. So I made that account. Not until much later would I realize how much trouble it would do me.
Long story short: I wanted to play Empire: Total War (which was the only game I cared about on my old Steam account) again. Because that game totally kicks ass. But nay, say the voracious gods of Valhalla, thine chance hath passed. It's lost on that old damn account until the day the Steam servers run out of electricity. I guess I'll just have to go out and buy it again, it's like $30... (But what about DA:Awakening!?)
   What am I trying to say with this whole blag? I honestly don't know. I can't say that Forcen was right because I still have all this hate bottled up inside me, even though I know that 90% of it all is my own fault for being such an old senile bastard. All I can do is try stick to this account, I suppose. All hail Mozilla Weave!