77 Games purchased in 2009! Woah!

This was the supreme year of video game collection in my life.  There were two driving forces that brought about this unhealthy accumulation (both mostly a result of time spent on gaming websites such as Giantbomb):
1.  Nostalgia for games I owned when I was younger, and regrettably traded in to upgrade to newer systems.
2.  Games that were popular and successful that I just never got around to playing, and some of which I still haven't!
This list features games belonging to the systems Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1, PS3, and the bulk of them on the PS2, reminding me just how incredible that system was.  I did NOT include downloaded games(live arcade, PSN, DLC), which would have easily added another 20 games or so to this list.  Well, here it goes!

List items