GOTY 2012

These are all my favorite games of 2012 that I was able to play. Just picked up XCOM, so I can't in all honesty judge it for my GOTY list. Will probably be my 2013 2012 GOTY...

Anywho, onto my top 10, with a few honorable mentions afterwards!

List items

  • Love the Thief series, and have been waiting for them to release Thi4f (terrible name, btw), so when Bethesda said that they were publishing a Thief game with Bioshock powers, I was all on board. Definitely my GOTY.

  • This would have been my GOTY for the great storytelling and tearjearking experience I had controlling Lee and protecting Clem. Only reason I just could not give it my GOTY was because I ran into the save glitch that wouldn't move through episodes automatically, which to me is unacceptable for a game you're marketing as it's number 1 feature.

  • I love me some Borderlands. Slap a 2 on it, add some wub wub, and one of the great antagonists of the year, and you have me. Better guns, better character development, it was overall a fantastic and well deserved sequel to its predecessor.

  • Stealth games are probably my favorite genre (did I mention Dishonored was my GOTY?), so call me skeptical when I heard there was a 2D one being made by the same folks that made Shank. But, Klei has made something special here, and I hope they revisit it. Tight controls, interesting ninja story, and is easily replayable. Definitely my indie game of the year.

  • Oh Crusader Kings II. I watched Dave's quick look, and still had no idea what was going on. I played the tutorial and had no idea what I was supposed to do (cause it's totally broke). I started off as the king of Scotland, and still was clueless. Then my duke plotted against me, had my eldest child assassinated, and Scotland was split apart afterwards. Then it clicked to me - I'm playing Game of Thrones: The Game. I've never had so much fun LOSING, and trying to work my way back to the top by any means necessary.

  • I vaguely remembered playing the first Darkness, and while it was pretty neat, it was mostly forgettable. However, its sequel is something else. Excellent gunplay, a fascinating story of loss, and fun executions, despite its rather short length. Really hoping a third one will come out after its cliffhanger ending.

  • There's been quite a backlash to this game that I don't quite understand why, but it was definitely a great game (it's a Hitman game worthy of the Hitman name, even if there's a bit of "narrower level design"). I enjoyed this one quite a bit!

  • Much of what Alex said is true: It's Oregon Trail in space. And it's glorious. I've come extremely close to defeating the mothership, but no avail.

  • Though this game did get flack on the PC, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The weapon upgrade system by feeding weapons and armor was a great mechanic, and the combat was improved tenfold over its predecessor. Its ending wasn't as good as the first, and with the bankruptcy over at THQ, I'm not exactly sure if there will be a third or not. I certainly hope so.

  • True story: bought the Alaska and Hawaii DLC in the Steam summer sale, 2 days later they announce the closing of the studio and halting support for the game. This game, while admittedly simple for a flight sim, is what got me into flight sims, such as Rise of Flight and DCS A-10C, and for that, deserves to be in my top 10 GOTY list.

  • Ok, so I haven't really played much of it quite yet (as of right now, I'm a level 14 Norn Necromancer), but it's a great MMO for those who don't want to pay the monthly fee who might not play it for months on end.

  • When my internet connection was good enough, I enjoyed this game. When it was fluctuating between bad to absolutely terrible, I wanted to perform an exorcism on my PC to rid of the demons from this filth of a DRM. This was the first Diablo game with the title Diablo I've played (first Diablo game I played was Titan Quest). After playing through Normal, and halfway through Nightmare with my Wizard, I just got burnt out. I'm sure I'll pick it up again whenever I'm in a drought of games once again.