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The Most Badass Video Game Characters Ever

The following is a list of the most badass characters to ever be featured in the world of video games.

List items

  • The undisputed king of this list.

  • Runner-up most badass character on the list.

  • The only thing that kept FF7 from becoming an androgynous amalgamation of Japanese gender benders.

  • The original badass.

  • Shareware badass from the 21st century.

  • They couldn't have crafted a more suitable lead for Gears of War.

  • The only other person who could be considered king of this list. Kratos is perfect badassness*

    *Last 10 minutes of God of War 3 withstanding

  • This guy gets sent to fix a space ship that has had it's entire crew killed by zombie aliens and he does it all with this engineering tools. Friggin rock sauce.

  • Shepard is the definition of leader. Playing through Mass Effect as a Renegade makes Shepard the badass he is.

  • If you want to play one of the best survival horror games of last generation, play The Suffering. This dude is legit.

  • I can't believe a lawyer can make a list like this, but that's how badass Phoenix Wright is. When he points and shouts "OBJECTION!", bitches run.

  • John Marston is the embodiment of a wild west mentality that has defined the word "man" for centuries.

  • Granted he may be the most goofy of all the characters on this list, Wario is no bitch. First marketed as Mario's archnemesis, him and Waluigi have since become the Bulk and Skull to Mario's Power Rangers. As far as character goes, he's the only one in the Mario Universe that seems to have any.

  • Boy genius and star of what is with out a doubt the greatest RPG of all time, Earthbound.

  • One of the best villains ever.

  • Zero explanation needed. The greatest.

  • No other character on this list can claim that they literally OWN you. You're a bad, bad man Tom Nook.

  • One of the only characters in Street Fighter that isn't a gender bender or annoy the hell out of me. Balrog is a straight up ripoff of Mike Tyson as reimagined by the Japanese in the early 90s, but it's cool because he's an assassin/henchman who always wears boxing gloves.