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For whatever reason (probably the headline), I came up with an idea while watching the video in Ryan's story on a robot playing Pitfall!

Why not make a game that combines Pitfall! and Fallout? They're both open-world games, with our hero braving a harsh landscape looking for stuff to pocket. They both have portions that take place underground. Both games have scorpions, as any good game should. Hell, there's even an expansion for Fallout 3 called The Pitt!

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Le winner, c'est non? Only one small thing stood between me and this game being made: I can't actually program games. A small hiccup, I know.

What I can do, however, is mock-up some screenshots for this gloriously pointless mashup. I've been down to the lab and come back with these pictures of my Frankensteinian baby. And so I present to a disinterested world... PitFallout!