Things I learned over the weekend - Monday, 27 September 2010

After last week's mowing fiesta it was a (relatively) more relaxed weekend for me this time. That didn't stop me from gettin' busy with the learning, though!

Playing Reach on Legendary is not all that bad... so far.

I played through Halo: Reach on Heroic the first time through, and there were definitely some points where I had to swear my way through dozens of deaths before progressing. I'm now playing it on Legendary (just started the Exodus mission) and I'm finding it easier going than my first play through. There have been some points where I've been educated through multiple deaths, but for the most part it's been pretty fun. The sniper mission especially was a breeze second time through, with the turrets barely even seeing me, let alone hitting me. Of course, everyone's now going to tell me that the last mission is a ball-mashing bitch on Legendary and I should kiss my sanity goodbye.

The other thing I learned is that Brad nailed what I like about Halo: if things aren't working with one plan, the game has the flexibility for you to get creative and figure out a new method of attack.

The Human Centipede is a ho-hum affair.

I've watched a lot of horror films in my time. I saw the first Nightmare on Elm Street at a very young age (like, 9 or something) when I was staying at a school friend's house and crept out to watch the video by myself at 3am while everyone was asleep. Last Saturday, I went to an 11pm screening of Tom Six's The Human Centipede (The First Sequence). I'd seen the trailer and thought it was a nicely effed up concept for a spot of grotty horror. Sadly, for me the film proper never got out of the blocks any further than what you see in the preview; in the end, it was all rather ponderous and pointless. It's got fleeting moments of well-pitched dark humour, but they weren't enough to make The Human Centipede any more than "a film I have seen."
 The wasabi peas I ate while watching it really hit the spot, though. 

Pruning a fig tree is hard work.

When my girlfriend and I purchased our house, it came with a fig tree in the back yard. I've been putting off pruning it for a whole year, and yesterday I finally bit the bullet and got medieval on those branches. By day's end I had scratches all over my arms and sawdust in my beard, but I'm glad it all got done. Not only is pruning a fig tree hard work, it's also very satisfying work.

God, I'm so middle-aged.