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My Mega Drive / Genesis collection

I've gathered a lot of cartridges for a lot of different systems over the years, and the ones that I cherish the most plug into Sega's 16-bit wonder. Maybe it's because the games they contain made such a mark on my teenage years, or maybe it's the fact that the cases aren't flimsy shit like some of their contemporaries. Whatever the reason, it's still very satisfying for me to gaze upon the drawers full of Mega Drive and Genesis titles, all lined up and full of old gaming goodness.
I've not listed every single title here; some of my collection are weird Japanese affairs which certainly don't need GB wiki pages. Most of them have impenetrable gameplay and language barriers that I can't be bothered to overcome. The rest are easy-to-grasp platformers that are so obscure and rinky dink that they barely warrant mentioning. Either way, they don't come out of the drawer too often.

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