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  • c4p3n posted a message in the forum topic Has anyone read any good modern fantasy/sci-fi?. on the Off-Topic board

    For fantasy, I have just discovered Robin Hobb in the last few years and her stuff is fantastic. If you like a story focused on one person, start with The Farseer Trilogy. If you prefer one that ju...

  • c4p3n posted a message in the forum topic What have you been reading? - Book Discussion Thread. on the Off-Topic board

    Fiction: Ship of Magic, Robin HobbReally enjoyed The Farseer Trilogy and this is completely different, but still great. Hobb is great at developing character and that ability really shines when she ...

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  • c4p3n posted a message in the forum topic Dad games?. on the General Discussion board

    Agree with @redwing42 about XCOM 2 and Into The Breach (a perfect video game) and would add Civilization 6. It's on every current-gen console and PC, so take your pick.I just picked up Murder By Num...

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    A Dozen Hours of Yakuza 0

    I think Yakuza 0 might be the perfect game for me, a distracted but dedicated Gamer in 2020. I am a Game Pass subscriber and I have my eyes on far too many outlets that tell me about games I can own a...

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    Big Bow Season

    "So how do we know this thing is even here?""What do you mean? He told us exactly where to find it.""Yeah I know but - Agh! My head is up your robe, move!""Eyes down Guardian!""Very funny. Look, I lov...

  • c4p3n posted a message in the forum topic What's good on here?. on the Apple Arcade board

    I have also played Grindstone and Card of Darkness. I like both a lot and think they work well for mobile. I am getting my whole ass handed to me by Card of Darkness, but still enjoying it.

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    Ayatan? Aye, you can!

    Warframe has a lot of things to collect. Like, a lot. Most of them you forget about until you discover that it's a key ingredient in a ninja robot recipe.Ayatan stars and sculptures are a little diffe...

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