Because Sony can't keep secrets...

...We get another rumor just as we close the book on another one.

Following yesterday's long awaited announcement of the PlaySation 3 Slim, which is set to be released in early September worldwide at $300 (Yay! Price cut!), another rumor regarding said system has surfaced via an FCC filing.

The filing in question mentions a 250GB model of their newly announced system, which shares similarities in its product code (CECH-2001B) to the one of the forthcoming system (CECH-2000A). Leading many to believe that it indeed exists.

And that belief is only further instilled by the one responsible for the filing: Sand Dollar Enterprise. Whom, according to GameSpot, is "a Foster City, California outfit that shares an address with Sony Computer Entertainment America." In addition, the contact given in the filing was SCEA senior vice president of legal, Riley Russell. So there's no mistake; it's definitely a Sony filing.

Personally, I'm torn on this. On one hand, the immense hard drive would be nice to have, especially for one such as myself, who buys many downloadable titles. But on the other, I'd rather not pay extra (because, knowing Sony, they'll do that) for more space. And the fact that they're still going with the multiple hardware configurations, is driving me nuts. Can't they just stick with one model, like the Wii has?

Still, more space is never a bad thing. And if they pack in a game or two (i.e. ones I'm interested in), then I'll probably go for it. long as they don't end up releasing it a year or so from now, anyway.