Bit.Trip Beat comes to the PS3 in the form of Retro/Grade

Just saw this awesome trailer for Retro/Grade -- a space shooter that's played in reverse -- in this article here on Giant Bomb.

If you don't get what I mean by "reverse" (and you probably don't), it basically means it's a rhythm game -- much like how Bit.Trip Beat was. As you must line up your ship with the shots you have fired, and shots you will fire which only further complicates things.

It's a tough game to describe, so if you still don't get it, I'd suggest watching the trailer (which can be found here, if you forgot where it was), and then watch this video of Bit.Trip Beat (which is embeded below), and then you'll see the similarities between the two.


Get it now? Good.

One other interesting (or crazy) thing is the fact that you can use a guitar controller to play the game. Which sounds both intriguing, and downright ridiculous.

No release date was mentioned sadly. But hey, at least there's a demo available through Steam. Which should further help anyone who still hasn't quite grasped the concept the game.

I'm definitely picking this up when I get a PlayStation 3. I loved Bit.Trip Beat, so why not this?