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Famitsu scan reveals Okami sequel for DS

Out of all the games I thought would get a sequel, Okami never once crossed my mind. Why? Well, for one thing, the game didn't do well at retail (neither version did particularly well, I believe), which is what typically determines whether or not a game will receive a sequel.

Capcom, however, doesn't seem to follow that method, though. As today it was revealed that they are working on a sequel for Okami.

The reveal came courtesy of a scan from Famitsu, a popular gaming magazine in Japan. It was posted on various news outlets, with a translation done by GameSpot. Here's what they got...

According to Famitsu, Okamiden will be an all-new adventure in the Okami universe, though it will be set in the same areas as the PS2 and Wii editions. Further, the game will follow a new, younger character several months after the events of the original. Gameplay will be similar to previous versions, and players will use the DS's stylus to draw the franchise's hallmark magical symbols.

...Perhaps it's just me, but I have a bad feeling about this. Why? Well, seeing as the visuals and music were important aspects of the game, the DS doesn't seem like the best system to release a game such as this onto. As it is significantly weaker than the PlayStation 2 and Wii (the systems the original game was released on) are. You move it to a weaker platform, and you'll lose the aforementioned elements that were so integral to the original game.

And seeing as the game takes place in the same locations as the original, these differences will become more apparent to those familiar with them (such as myself). And unless they can somehow delivers the same level of quality as the original, then the game will surely be a lesser game. Especially if the controls don't work particularly well either. As, in my experience, three-dimensional games don't work too well with a d-pad, especially when there's platforming involved, and there probably will.

Now granted, I could be wrong about all this, and you know what? I hope I am. I'd love to be proved wrong, as I'd love to see a new Okami that delivers the same level of quality as the original. And the Celestial Brush could work very well on the DS, as it would feel very similar to actually using a brush.

But at this point, I'm not sure it'll be good. As until I know that the aforesaid concerns are addressed, I can only worry about how it'll be.

Hopefully these fears can be put to rest once the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show rolls around later this month, as the game is going to be playable there apparently. Which, at the very least, should shed some more light on this game.