Halo 2 Fever

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Halo 2.  In high school I played this game non-stop. 

  1. Wake up
  2. Go to school
  3. Go home
  4. Play Halo 2 online
  5. sleep
  6. repeat
There was something about the clear system that the game created that I found comforting.  Memorizing map layouts, amount of shots it takes to kill someone, et cetera.  In retrospect, did I show signs of asbergers?  Sure, but I miss it.  It has been far too long since a game like this has come around.  Halo 3, in my eyes, was largely a disappointment because of the way they simplified it.  In Halo 2 there were varied levels of skill.  In Halo 3 there were just shit players and awesome players.  Many people left that game for Call of Duty 4.

After COD 4 was released I think the shooting genre really just changed entirely.  Players became obsessed with the concept of customization and load-outs in multiplayer. 
Will we ever see a return to the formulaic, chess-like gameplay of Halo 2?  I surely hope so.  I've had enough of the customization.