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@Shivoa: Ah right, I thought it might be something technical. That website has been under a heck of a lot of strain! Thanks for the confirmation though, it'll be good to see the definitive list once everyone has uploaded their games!

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@Tamaster92: Did you come along to the presentation? I might not have known it was you if you did!

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I was at the Brighton 'Jam and had an amazing time! We cycled between streams of the other events on our projector; It was a surreal experience knowing that we were all aspiring to roughly the same goal. I actually heard that our stream was on on the big screen in LA, can anyone that was there confirm or deny?

Sounds like our stream cut out just in time for presentations unfortunately but some of the games have found their way onto the upload site (shout outs to "Murdoor", "Six" and "Hugbot's Interactive Lovin'").

As for me, it was an honour to work with some genuinely talented people to create a short game experience. I was responsible for the art and animation in "Kite". Our efforts got us the crowd-voted "Most Emotional Game" Award and a sweet copy of "Magic Carpet" for the PC!

I'm going to try to go through and play each and every game before it gets too crazy (the list has a bunch of duplicates which seems a bit dodgy) and give props to those that really deserve it. I can't express how much fun it was, nor how thankful I am that whole thing came to be at all. If another molyjam comes around next year I will gleefully participate once more!

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Looks like they've got some capable animators involved, upon first watch it seems like they've brought a darn sight more character to the movements than many can manage. Exaggerated too, couldn't ask for much more from a comic book adaptation. 
I really enjoyed the first game for it's atmosphere, it really didn't feel like an awful lot like many other games out there (this could be starbreeze's stamp but I haven't played any of their other games) and they made good use of the first person perspective in storytelling, something this one looks to continue. 
Mark me optimistic!

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The "coming soon on Giant Bomb" Schedule on the front page makes a certain quest much more attainable. 
Interesting read, I know I'm one of those people that just agrees with terms of service without thinking twice about it because I've never suffered any negative effects from doing so. It makes me wonder what kind of gamer horror stories are linked to this; They have the right to use these things but what are they actually using, how are they using it and how is it affecting actual people?

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I'm really happy they've kept in the giant robots and such, this could be a competent callback to a less-than-competent (yet inexplicably endearing) game. Now all I have to hold out for is for a frame-rate blitzing alien sphere as the final boss again!

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Michael Jackson's College Hunt

Canned to avoid controversy.

Black Turtle Family

Canned to avoid controversy.

Kinky Crowbar Hero
Canned in lieu of Activision's break from "-Hero" games.

Master Chief's Shock - The Gathering Storm
Confirmed collectible card game starring popular Halo characters. Takes place in an alternate fantasy universe where Master Chief is a powerful warlock. The Halo is a giant, living Ouroboros in space. 

@rawrsair: Don't forget the Crumpet Weaponisation Initiative.